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Top Tips for a Practical but Stylish Travel Outfit

by Jessica Amey

It’s the night before you go on holiday. Clothes are all over your room. You’ve been staring at your suitcase for the past 15 minutes and so far, the only thing that’s made it in there is sun cream because you’re too busy thinking about the big question – what do I wear for the journey?

We’ve all been there and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Deciding what to wear during the journey is a big decision, especially if you’re catching a plane! What if you wear too many layers and you spend the entire flight sweating? Or what if your gorgeous new jeans get uncomfortable after you’ve been sitting for three hours straight? To get that travel outfit sorted easily, here are some ideas to help you balance style and practicality.

Keep it Comfy
This is the number one rule of travel outfits. No matter the sacrifice, your clothing must be comfy! You’re going to spend the best part of a day (depending on where you’re going) wearing those clothes, and over half of that time, you’ll spend seated so avoid thick jeans that haven’t been worn in yet. Instead, go for leggings, trousers or materials that can stretch and accommodate for awkward positions.

The same logic applies with the top half of your outfit. Stiff shirts and tight jackets might make you look great but keep them clean for when you arrive, otherwise, you’ll be aching by the time you’re off the plane. Instead, opt for t-shirts, cardigans or anything that gives you a little flexibility.

And finally, shoes. As a society, we love our shoes and often use them as a basis for our outfit choices but when it comes to travelling, comfort must come first. It may seem obvious but don’t wear heels. The tiring experience of travel – dragging bags all over the place (and often children too) – will only make them a hindrance. Go for trainers or flats. Anything that you find easy to wear and easy to walk in.

There are plenty of great looks you can create around a nice pair of trainers!

So, to conclude – comfort first! T-shirts, leggings and stretchy clothing are your friends. Avoid anything stiff that will limit your movement and pick shoes that are easy to walk in. Now, onto how we can add a little pizzazz to your clothing choices.

Now, many will argue that jewellery just makes travelling difficult but that’s only if you’re wearing the wrong types. In the case of long journeys, any jewellery that is big, dangling or likely to get caught on things is a no-no. That still leaves a whole load of options open though including rings, bracelets, chokers and stud earrings.

The best part about travel clothing is that it is often centred around neutral colour schemes – comfy black leggings for example – and that means your precious accessories can fit in with any outfit of choice. It’s your right to have some glamour in your look! Rose gold rings add a lovely subtle colour to your ensemble, whilst stud earrings come in every colour you can think of, making it easy to get the perfect pair.

Everybody in the world wants and deserves to have pockets, especially when travelling. Whatever you decide to wear, make sure you have pockets that you can make use of, otherwise, you’ll end up rummaging through a bag to find your flight details. Oh, and before you say that leggings don’t have pockets, now they do! Whether you’re looking to wear them casually, for your journey abroad or when you’re working out, there are now leggings available with pockets. What a wonderful world we live in.

Hopefully, this will help with any pre-packing dilemmas that you come across. Just remember, consider your comfort first and then accessorise to keep it exciting!

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