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Which Is The Best Tea For Your Health?

by Jessica Amey

Tea is good for you. Fact. But does that mean drinking a cuppa a day will improve your wellbeing? Or does it have to be a special kind of tea? Most people enjoy drinking tea, occasionally or perhaps multiple times a day, but are some teas healthier than others?

Here’s a quick guide to the best teas for your wellbeing. These soothing teas can reduce stress, improve your heart health, and even lower Alzheimer’s disease risk. Read on to find out more.

History of Tea Benefits
The Japanese sage Kakuzo claimed, in the 19th century, that tea originated for its medicinal qualities and gradually developed into a drink to be enjoyed for its taste. It was also used as a meditative and mindfulness aid in China and Japan, when every slow sip helped the drinker remain in the moment. Today we enjoy tea both for its flavour and for its health-giving properties. Different teas impart various wellbeing benefits. Here is a quick overview of the main types of tea and their health impact.

Green Tea Powers
Experts claim green tea protects health in many ways. Research shows this beverage can increase cognitive function and it is linked to better memory. One compound in green tea may even help lower your risk of Alzheimer’s disease. The same compound is linked to cancer- fighting powers. Research suggests that green tea boasts the highest levels of health-boosting elements since it is harvested and prepared to preserve the delicate balance of these compounds. Choose green tea if you are looking for a fresh-tasting drink that is proven to impart health benefits.

Black and White Tea
These true teas are perhaps the most widely recognised in the world. Most people enjoy tea derived from black tea leaves. While green tea has a somewhat acquired taste, and may be too bitter for some people, black tea is usually consumed with milk and the flavour is more subtle. Black tea is highly oxidated so some of the health benefits of this drink are reduced. However, experts state that drinking black tea is a quick and easy way to improve overall well being. Improve your experience of sipping black tea by discovering the best place to buy tea online in the UK. Supermarkets are not usually the best source of black or white tea.

Jasmine Tea Qualities
This drink is made from green tea with added jasmine flowers. It is a richly aromatic tea and the jasmine blooms impart additional health benefits including stress reduction powers and cancer- healing properties.

So now you know almost everything you need to know about tea and its benefits. Of course, experts have studied tea for centuries and there is a wealth of further literature on the health benefits of tea. The best tea for your health is a personal choice. It also depends on your taste. Because there is no point drinking a tea you hate, just because it’s healthy. Luckily, you have a lot of teas to choose from.

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