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Wildlife & The Environment Benefiting From Lockdown

by Jessica Amey

The Covid-19 outbreak and Government-enforced lockdown has completely
changed the world in 2020 and it is a worrying time for all. While it is easy to feel sad and worried when watching the news, there are some positives to look at which can bring a smile to your face. One of which is seeing how animals are enjoying the environment with humans inside and the positive impact that this has had on pollution levels.

Animals Reclaiming the Land
There are many amazing photographs and stories circulating the internet of
animals enjoying the newfound freedom found up and down the country, such as a goose that built a nest in the centre of York station, mountain goats descending on the Welsh town of Llandudno and even deer that have ventured on the usually crammed London streets. Elsewhere, Paris has had ducks crossing the roads, peacocks window shopping in New Zealand and seabirds exploring the Venice canals.

Food for Thought
It is amusing to see these animals exploring usually busy places, but it does also pose some food for thought. It makes you consider the impact that humans have on the planet and how the way in which we live our lives impacts those that we inhabit the planet with along with the planet itself. It is a difficult and stressful time for everyone right now, but there could be positives to take from the situation if people start to think about how they can lead a greener lifestyle that benefits the planet.

How to Lead a Greener Lifestyle Post-Lockdown
Environmental damage has been a huge topic in the news in recent years and people and businesses have started to make positive change, but there is still a lot of work to be done and the Coronavirus outbreak will hopefully show people that the planet can benefit when people live a better lifestyle and make less of an impact. There are all kinds of simple ways that individuals can do this, such as eating less meat, using greener methods of transport, recycling more and buying less plastic.

Of course, once lockdown is over people will be desperate to get out and enjoy themselves, but it is still possible to do this while minimizing environmental impact. For those looking to go on adventure holidays (which will be a lot of people!), using a responsible holiday company which has measures in place to protect nature and the environment will be intelligent.

In worrying times, it has been lovely to see animals taking advantage of the
empty streets along with the sharp drop in pollution and greenhouse gas
emissions. There is a lot that society can learn from this and hopefully when life begins to return to normal, more people will make the effort to reduce their impact and protect the environment.

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