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2018 Summer Skirt Trends

by Jessica Amey

With all of this hot weather, skirts are a great addition to any wardrobe. They look good and are versatile items of clothing. Plus, you will feel far cooler while wearing a skirt. Here is a quick round up of some of the most popular style of skirts.

Floaty summer skirts
Generally speaking, the more lightweight the fabric is, the better. There are quite a few cuts for you to choose from. A tiered chiffon one can be fun. For an evening out, a floaty maxi skirt is ideal or if you want something a bit more tailored then a pencil skirt is a good option. You can easily get yours here. This retailer sells skirts in sizes 8 to 34, so most women will be able to find something that fits well and looks good on them. You can find a bit more inspiration in this outfit article that I wrote recently.

Denim skirts
Inevitably, this warm spell will not go on forever. We are bound to get the odd colder or rainy day, so it makes sense to have a couple of warmer skirts in your wardrobe too. A nice denim skirt is ideal, especially for wearing at the weekends or in the evenings. They come in a range of cuts, so it is not that difficult to find one that looks good on your body type. This simple guide will help you to do exactly that.

Pleated skirts
Pleats are quite sophisticated and make a great option for work.

A tailored cotton skirt
If you do not really like floaty, loose-fitting skirts it may be worth your while searching out some modern cotton skirts. There are several types available. For a casual occasion where you might have chosen to wear jeans, a chino cut
would work well. Whereas, for work, a cotton pencil skirt would be a better option. One in a single colour tends to look smarter than a patterned one, especially when it is paired with a tailored or semi-tailored top or blouse. Pencil skirts suit women of all sizes too.

Do not worry too much about the thickness of the fabric used. Just be sure to buy one that is made from a natural fabric like cotton. This will lock moisture away from your skin and keep you cool enough.

Print linen skirts
Linen is another natural fabric that is ideal for the summer. The only problem is that it tends to show the creases. So, if you can opt for a patterned one rather than a plain one.

A fun tube skirt
If you are planning to enjoy an active day out a tube skirt that is made from a stretchy fabric is worth considering. There are some particularly nice stretch jersey ones around. The right tube skirt works just as well when worn with a t-shirt as it does with a blouse.

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