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Planning Some Outfits For Spring

by Jessica Amey

It’s reached that time of year when I start getting excited about losing the layers and wearing floaty skirts, sandals and cardigans again instead of winter coats and boots. Although given that it snowed at the weekend and is currently 0 degrees outside I might be a bit premature in thinking about this!

Hopefully it won’t be long until the weather gets a bit warmer though, I was reminded on FB yesterday that this time 3 years ago we had already had that first warm day but despite it feeling a bit like spring at the start of last week it quickly reverted back to winter. The weather in the UK is just SO unpredictable and you can’t ever really rely on it to be warm, even in the middle of summer. I can remember Easter holidays where it’s been warm enough to sunbathe before though, hopefully that will be the case this year.

Spring can be a bit of a tricky time when it comes to what to wear, there is that crossover when you either wear your winter clothes and end up BOILING or wear a spring outfit and end up FREEZING. We live near the coast and quite often the sun will feel warm in our garden so we walk down to the beach but once we get there the coastal breeze makes it feel so much colder than it did when we left our house!

That’s why layers are a good idea, jumpers and a denim jacket mean you can easily remove one of two layers if you get too hot but equally be quite warm. Then I sometimes keep a pair of sandals in my car so that if I get out and realise my feet are too hot in boots then I can just switch them over. I also keep wellies in my car for any unexpected mud and rain!

I’m currently searching for a new pair of sandals, ones which are comfortable. I generally just go for flip flops. I also need a pair of trainers for when we go on bike rides. JD Williams have a whole range of gold shoes. There is just so much choice out there, my search continues!

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