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2019? It’s in the bag already! 5 Things To Fill The New Year With

by Jessica Amey

Most of us feel a sense of excitement when the New Year approaches. A lot of us see it as the chance to start again, a clean slate, the perfect starting point to begin a journey – whether it be self- discovery or fitness, a new year can be an exciting time. But while others wonder what the new year
might bring, why not start planning yours?

Fill your calendar (or at least the new one you’ll get for Christmas) with adventures, new experiences and ways to push yourself. Unsure of where to begin? Don’t worry, try some of these ideas!

Indulge in some culture
We’re often so absorbed into our tech-filled lives that we forget about the beauty or art, drama, music and performance. So, make sure that your new year is filled with at least some of this. Book tickets to see a show in the West End, go and see an exhibition at an art gallery, or do something
outrageous and go and see an opera in Italy – Venice opera tickets are easily accessible! Whatever you choose to indulge in, why not make a weekend of it, stay in a posh hotel, treat yourself to a programme or souvenir and keep it in a keepsake box.

Learn a language
If you visit the same country every year for a holiday, then why not try and learn some of the lingo? Nothing is more satisfying or impressive then asking for your favourite drink in the native language. You can download an app to help you on your language journey or take a couple of classes at a local college or even online. Keep an eye out for new student admissions in the new year.

Push yourself, physically
Many people aspire to be a certain weight or even just want to loose those extra pounds gained over the festive period. So, why not go a step further? Running a marathon or taking part in a triathlon, being able to lift a certain weight, getting to a more intense level and higher incline on the treadmill,
increasing your flexibility – all of these things you can work on over the course of the year and you can even document your progress on social media!

Do something for charity
The feeling of giving to those who need help, and making a difference is an incredible feeling. So, why not aim to do one incredible deed this year to make your mark? You could run a marathon for charity, shave your head, sit in a bathtub filled with beans or even climb a mountain for a good
cause. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll feel amazing and you’ll be really making a difference to people’s lives.

Start your business
Most of us have a dream. Whether it’s an online shop, to run a café, or to build your own bakery, there’s a little entrepreneur in all of us! With that in mind, make 2019 the year you really go for it. Banish all the negativity and the doubters and see where your determination and perseverance can
take you.

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