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Beautiful Destinations to Explore in Europe

by Jessica Amey

Europe never ceases to provide variety for the avid traveller. The array of breath-taking landscapes, culture and food is incomparable and is ever enticing. Come succumb to the beauty of some of these destinations:

How does one begin to describe the beauties of this South Eastern region of France? It is to be visited to believe. The big names are all there, the famous French Riviera, Marseille, Cannes, Nice, etc. A combination of deep blue seas, beautiful castles, the famed French countryside and snow-clad peaks, it is all there in this part of the world. The proximity of Italy brings in Mediterranean influences that in turn bring in tourists by the hordes. A walk through the Mercantour National Park is bound to leave you spellbound.

The brightest jewel among the Greek Islands, Santorini redefines the colour ‘blue’. The intensity of the blues on display will take your breath away. Be it the skies or the seas that compete to outdo each other’s blues, or the local architecture in stark white with touches of blue to stand out against the background, you will love it all. The views from the caldera edges are unbelievable so be sure to indulge in walks to these edges and soak in the views. Any trip is Santorini is incomplete without experiencing their beautiful sunsets, best seen at Oia Village, Fira and on a sunset cruise just to name a few.

One can never say enough about the beauty of Tuscany; it offers the perfect combination of delicious food, drinks, weather and stunning villa accommodation dotted throughout the iconic landscape. Florence is beyond description. A quaint little town that houses some of the world’s foremost Renaissance art collections in the Uffizi and Accademia galleries, it has lovely piazzas and churches too. Sample the famed wines at Chianti on wine tours. Siena beckons the visitor with its famed piazzas and art installations. If nothing else, the breathtaking beauty of Tuscany is in itself wonderful. Shop at the flea markets for jewellery and leather goods; bargain nicely to avail good deals.

A culture-rich experience awaits you at Ireland, where you get to enjoy different kinds of beauty at every turn. There are a variety of incredible group tours that run throughout Ireland that help you to explore all there is to see at ease. From the amazing Book of Kells and Trinity College of Dublin to the Cliffs of Moher, the country is full of beautiful sights. The Giant’s Causeway is known for its breathtaking formations by the sea. There are heritage sites like the Rock of Cashel scattered all over. The Aran Islands vie with other sites for the sheer force of natural beauty. The Emerald Isle, as Ireland is also known as, has its very own cuisine and of course the famed pubs that offer one with the choicest tipples.

One of the most beautiful places surrounded by the Mediterranean, Corsica offers unparalleled sights to its visitors. You can choose from its lovely coastline to its peaks or forests to spend your holiday. With so much variety on offer, it is a heady combination to look forward to. From hiking to cruising to canoeing, enjoy the confluence of French and Italian cultures while being there. The food and the culture reflect a happy marriage of the best of both.

Each of these destinations has something unique to offer to the discerning traveller. Are you all set to explore?

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