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4 Ways To Improve And Maintain Your Shower Area

by Jessica Amey

If you are thinking of upgrading your shower, but your project is more about basic improvements and maintenance rather than a complete re-design or overhaul, then this article is for you!

Not everyone has the time or the budget for a complete shower room re-design, but this practical space can be greatly improved with a few top tips. Please be aware that some require a degree of DIY know-how.

  1. Give your tiles a new lease of life
    The first task on this list can noticeably improve the look of your shower. Re-grouting the
    tiles of an old shower will take away the years of mould and discolouration. As well as the
    instant aesthetical improvement from new grouting, the process may even prevent water
    damage to your walls. Old or poor-quality grout will eventually start to let water through into
    the walls, which can result in mildew and mould forming and, in time, may even damage the
    wall structure. For a written explanation of how to effectively re-grout your shower, click here.
    Make sure to read this or something similar before attempting it yourself.
  2. Upgrade your shower unit
    If your old shower unit itself is long past its best and needs to be replaced, it is a wise choice
    to consider upgrading the whole unit. Modern units tend to be easy to install and more
    energy-efficient, saving you money and reducing damage to the environment. Crosswater
    produce a variety of shower kits for every shower space in a range of eye-catching
    but long-lasting designs using high-quality materials. Modern units such as those produced
    by Crosswater Showers are also quick and easy to install with the supplied instructions.
  3. Consider adding more outlets
    If you are confident completing the above two tasks to transform your shower area, you may
    also want to consider adding more outlets to your shower unit. For example, you could install
    a set of body jets to give you a full body massage as you shower or simply add a shower
    handset if your shower is of the fixed type, giving you the freedom to control the water flow
    onto you more effectively.
  4. Use a shower squeegee after every shower
    This is a very basic tip, but rest assured that it will save you a significant amount of time
    when you clean the bathroom if you do this every time you have a shower. If you have ever
    spent time cleaning your shower screen, you will know that the water streaks can make it
    quite an arduous task. By using a shower squeegee straight after your shower, you will
    effectively clean off the excess water from the screen. A few moments spent here are saved
    when it comes to cleaning day. A simple tip but a top timesaver!

    In summary, here are just a few options you could consider to improve and maintain your shower area ranging from very straightforward to those requiring a bit of DIY know-how.

    Happy upgrading!

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