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5 Ways To Ensure Yours Travels Go To Plan

by Jessica Amey

Before going on holiday it’s important to a bit of prep work, not only will this save you time when you’re away but it should also ensure that your holiday is as stress free as possible. Here are 5 tips..

Read some reviews before booking your accommodation, this is super easy these days thanks to sites like Trip Advisor. You really need to make sure that the place you plan to stay is going to be suited to your needs, especially if you have kids or any special requirements.

Do some research into things such as visa requirements, vaccinations, currency, the weather and what clothes you might need to be best prepared and look into the transport options so you know how you will get around during your stay.

– If you are visiting religious countries then you need to remember to pack clothes that are respectful. It’s also worth checking advice on visiting big cities, sometimes it’s recommended that you carry a roll of small notes to hand over quickly should someone mug you.

Make a list of all the landmarks you would like to visit and excursions you would like to go on. Check whether you need to book in advance, some will get really busy in peak season and you wouldn’t want to risk getting there only to find they are fully booked.

Check out some virtual tours, these give you so much more information than just a photo. You can see one of Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail here: virtual tours.

Check the weather. This will help you to pack the most appropriate clothing, we have made the mistake of only taking warm weather clothes on holiday only to discover it was freezing at night! We then had to go to the supermarket and buy lots of jumpers which we wouldn’t have needed had we taken them.

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