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Designing A Sign With Signomatic

by Jessica Amey

A little while ago Signomatic contacted me and asked if I would like to design a sign and review their service. It was actually perfect timing because we desperately needed a sign to go at the top of our road. We live on a crescent with lots of families and there are always children out playing on the green but cars drive WAY too fast down the road next to it and it’s something we’ve all been concerned about. We are hoping that this sign will make people stop and think that there could be children running out into the road and then slow down.

Designing the sign was so simple, there are absolutely loads of ready made designs or you can do it yourself which is what I did. You can choose options for the shape of the sign, the size, the background, the colour, the border and then add text and images. There are absolutely loads of images to choose from, for all different purposes.

You can also choose a fixing method, we went for a pole attachment but there are lots of others, even a flag attachment.

We went for an aluminium sign but they also offer options such as wood, plastic, brass, banners and even badges.

signomaticBasically if you need a sign, for any reason, you will be able to design one to meet your needs on the Signomatic website. I’m so impressed with the quality and the whole experience was just a breeze, I really recommend them. You can find their website HERE.

We haven’t been able to put ours up yet as it’s blocked off due to work happening on the road next to it but as soon as that’s fixed we will get it up.

Next I am going to order lots of signs to remind people not to let their dogs poo on the grass!!

Thanks so much for Signomatic for working with me on this post. All words and opinions are my own.

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