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A Look At The Best Trends And Favourites In Interior Design For Your Show Home

by Jessica Amey

Multi-functionality takes on a whole new meaning; bathroom spaces are larger than ever – but it doesn’t stop there. So it’s an exciting time for interior design – and what was a lacklustre year for real estate sales is now back with a vengeance. 2020 and 2021 have come and gone, and whilst all businesses are rejoicing, none is rejoicing more than the real estate market. So things are looking up indeed, and no one is more excited than those who are set to design a show home that beats all show homes. But what does it take nowadays to design and build the most appealing one? Here’s a look at the best trends and favourites in interior design for this year’s show home.

  1. The kitchen takes centre-stage
    Those who have readily predicted that the kitchen will take centre stage in today’s home are right on point! Since we’ve all had to deal with the pandemic, it has transformed the home as we know it – including the kitchen. One hot trend and favourite in kitchen design is a kitchen with not one but two kitchen islands. These serve two different purposes as well – one is designed for entertaining guests and diners, and the other is built for food prep. Of course, it is much more feasible for bigger homes, but if your show home has the space for it, it’s well worth considering this if you want your buyers to do a double-take.
  2. Curvy is where it’s at
    In the past, designers were all about clean lines and spaces. Whilst this is still in demand and acceptable, there is now a hint of ‘softness’ taking shape. More designers are taking in soft, curved furniture with more delicate and more feminine edges. It complements the afore-mentioned clean, geometric lines, which give a room a more romantic vibe, as confirmed by showhome interior design specialists from Blocc UK. Furniture (and décor) that includes C-shaped couches to tables with a softer edge to chairs with more whimsical shapes are all the rage. In line with this, the 70s look is back, and the retro vibe is where it’s at, especially with colours such as orange, ochre, forest green, and other neutral colours that warm and brighten an interior space. Here’s a tip: find new upholstery for an antique couch for that 70s cosy and inviting vibe.
  3. The work-from-home reality is here to stay
    Although things have (almost) gone back to normal, and there are now people returning to work, some workplaces benefit from a hybrid scenario where people work from home 60 or 70 per cent of the time. So what does this mean for the home? It means new homes are built with a work-from-home situation in mind. What was seen as a temporary thing, with people working from their kitchen or dining tables, has now achieved permanency with the addition of home offices. And they come in different forms, but they all have a few things in common – they’re all designed for practicality and functionality but with an eye for aesthetic appeal. In short, design your home office to be practical, but don’t forget the importance of a pleasant, tranquil space.

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