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The Best Fabric Home Decorating Ideas

by Jessica Amey

When it comes to home decor, fabrics are one of the best materials to use. They are versatile and can be utilized in a number of ways. They also provide a unique look to any interior, adding personality and style to every room of the house. It may not always be an easy task to incorporate different patterns, textures, and colours of fabric to create a cohesive appearance, but the effort you put into it will always be worth the results.

Fabric such as crushed velvet can add glamour to a living room when used for scatter cushions or throw pillow covers. Curtains made from linen or lace create a warm and welcoming ambience. Interior designers are always on the lookout for the most unique designs, colours, and patterns to decorate their clients’ homes in every way imaginable.

If you are looking for ideas on how to use fabric for your home decor, here are some of the best ones.

Wall decor
Add a unique touch to your interior wall by hanging decor made from fabric. Whether they are blankets, rugs, or other types of textiles, they can work beautifully on the walls of every area of the house. Pretty fabric can also be stapled on wooden canvases and you can create a gallery of mix and match pieces hanging on your walls. You can also try tie-dyeing fabric in colours of your choice for unique artwork pieces.

Fabric covered lampshade
An old lampshade that has still retained its old shape will look just like new with fabric. Pick out the pattern that you find most appealing, and feel will blend perfectly with the room and cover up the shade . As the light of the lamp reflects through the pretty patterns, you can be proud of yourself for transforming something old into impressive contemporary home decor.

Reupholstered couches and chairs
If you think your furniture looks dated or worn-out, there is no need to get rid of it. Instead, find some fabric with geometric designs or go floral and reupholster them. From your living room furnishings to your kitchen chairs, dressing them up will give them a fresh look and change the appearance of your home to something more modern and attractive.

There are many reasons why most people choose curtains to dress their windows. The materials you can use for them are limitless, and you can pick out whatever suits your fancy. Curtains are also effective in adjusting the amount of natural light that enters a room. They feel light and airy and lend a welcoming atmosphere to a home. They are also easy to make if you decide to go DIY. Purchase your fabric and give it a go.

Fabric covers for potted plants
Another easy DIY project that can be an added accent to your home decor is fabric covers for your indoor potted plants. Again, you will find a variety of sturdier material to use in designs and colours you choose. Rather than display bare pots, give them a personal touch and cover them up with pretty fabric.

There are many more ways to use fabric to decorate your home and give it a personalized look. Use your creativity to come up with other excellent ideas for fabric home decor.

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