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A Mini Somerset Music Festival Experience

by Jessica Amey

Last weekend we went to a small Somerset music festival and had so much fun.

Mr C and I grew up in Glastonbury and went to Glastonbury Festival every year when we were growing up, I have so many amazing memories but we haven’t been with the kids yet. At some point we probably will but it’s a really different festival now to the one we grew up going to. The new ticket system and road diversions means it’s lost a lot of it’s character, I can remember for about a month before the festival started the town used to become really full of travellers and ‘hippies’ who would then move onto the festival site. It’s these people that gave the festival it’s unique feel but now it just seems to be full of middle class students, which is fine, but it’s not really the way it was supposed to be. I think they also let way too many people in these days, by the Sunday when the day people go in too you can’t even move around the main areas without getting into a total gridlock.

I know there is a lot going on there other than in the main bit, especially for kids so it would be good to experience that but maybe we will wait a couple of years.

Until then we are opting for smaller festivals and this one was perfect. It was called Home Farm Fest and was held on a farm near Yeovil in Somerset.

We only bought a day ticket as the last time we went to a festival was when Tiger was a baby and it was much easier then as he was just in a carrier, we wanted to trial it and see how they found it but it was great, they absolutely loved it.

In fact I think Cherry was born to go to festivals! I love the clip of her dancing on the table at the end of my video, she also loves an excuse to dress up so it’s her idea of heaven!


There were a few fields to the festival, one main stage, one indoor barn area, one small tent and a folk tent.

Then there was kid’s field with lots of things going on for children.

somerset music festival

somerset music festival home farm fest

somerset music festival home farm fest

somerset music festival

One of the best bits was the toy swap tent where you can either swap a toy or take one and leave a donation. This is such a great idea for keeping the kids entertained as they can take something to play with then take it back and swap it when they get bored. Cherry found this furry crown to add to her look!

somerset music festival


In the Folk Tent they had a Disney hour where lots of different artists went up to perform a song from a Disney movie. One of the artists was Daniel Duke who was on The Voice this year, he did Let It Go which was a bit hit! I loved listening to all the songs and it made me all emotional as there was such a good atmosphere, everyone was singing along.

If you have kids and live near Somerset then I would definitely recommend Home Farm Festival, it was so perfect for families. On the Sat evening there was a kid’s disco in the big barn. We will definitely be going back next year.

This was also good practice because we are going to be attending Larmer Tree next month, and actually camping which will be fun. I have a post coming up all about it soon. I need to start sorting out our camping gear as we don’t currently own any, I’m going to check out Planet Camping as they sell everything you need when going camping. They have some great camping rucksacks too.

I will leave you with a little video of our time there…

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