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Camping At A Vintage Car Festival

by Jessica Amey

Last weekend we went camping as a family for the second time ever, we went up to a hot rod show that we’ve been going to for the last couple of years but instead of leaving to sleep in a hotel we decided to camp and I’m glad we did because we all really enjoyed it.

In the weeks leading up to it the weather had been awful with lots of rain so we had been checking the forecast obsessively because I’m not sure camping is ever much fun in the rain, not for me anyway! In the end we were really lucky with the weather, it didn’t rain and was nice and warm but not too hot. I can’t say I slept amazingly well, on the 1st night I don’t think I ever went into a proper sleep. There are just so many noises when you’re camping, we were next to a forest and at about 5am every morning an animal would make the loudest screaming noise every few seconds for about half an hour! Plus I could hear someone snoring, the kids kept waking me up by turning over and the 2nd night was really cold. I’m sure if I did it for a week then I would adjust to it but I never sleep very well on the first couple of nights in a new place.

There is something so nice about waking up outdoors though and having your morning cup of tea in the open air.

Matt’s latest creation…

We all had a great weekend, one of Matt’s friends came up on the Saturday with his little boy and the kids had a great time staying up late and playing in the back of the pick-up truck whilst we watching a movie on the outdoor cinema screen.

Then on the Sunday it opened up to the public and the show field was rammed full of awesome vintage cars.

We didn’t have a tent when we first decided to camp and had our minds set on a hexagon style one which was open plan but funnily enough the week we were planning to buy it I received an email from Blacks asking if I would like to take part in a family camping challenge. We would all be sent a family tent and have to put it up in the fastest time, I’m not going to lie, initially I wasn’t sure the tent was what we were looking for but I couldn’t have been more wrong. In actual fact having seen the hexagon tent at the festival made me realise just how much better this one is.

We were sent the Eurohike Rydal 600 6 person tent and it was awesome, so quick and easy to put up due to the bedroom already being attached to the inside. It was a really good size and you can stand up inside without feeling crammed in, it didn’t get damp in the night and it was easy to take down. It’s perfect. It’s currently reduced from £380 to £133 too so if you need a new family tent then go and snap one up! You can find this tent and all the others here.

We are off to Bestival in a few weeks and will be camping in it there too, I’m really looking forward to it!

The leader board will be live soon too, I’m pretty sure we will be near the bottom as we messed up and put the wrong poles in at the start, luckily we aren’t competitive though so don’t mind coming last 😉

You can keep an eye out to see how we, and the other bloggers taking part did here.

Thanks to Blacks for asking us to be part of this challenge. 

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