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London, Felt Flowers And Hot Rods #LittleLoves

by Jessica Amey


I finally got stuck into Gone Girl when I was on the train to London last weekend. It’s really good, very addictive. I’m looking forward to watching the film too as I like Ben Affleck.



Lots of Mad Men, I’m on season five now and I like the way it’s changed so much from season one. Betty has changed what she wears though which is a shame, I loved the old floral Betty!


I went up to London last Saturday for Blogtacular, it was such a good day. I always leave feeling so inspired and it was so nice to see lots of lovely blogging friends. I will get around to writing a post about it at some point soon.

I wore some trousers that looked like pyjamas and a granny cardigan that I found at a vintage clothes sale. Most of my clothes are from charity shops or eBay these days, finding old granny skirts / jumpers makes me so happy.



I’ve recently started going to the gym but don’t have an iPod and my phone doesn’t have enough space for music as it’s so full of photos. This means I have to listen to the radio in the gym which is bad not only because they play crap music but also because it means I have to listen to the news. I don’t read, watch or listen to the news usually as I find it just has too much of a negative effect on my mood. I know some would find that really naive of me and I may be clueless about what goes on in the world but I don’t see any point in hearing a horrific story then not being able to get it out of my mind all day. I much prefer to live in a bubble.


These felt flowers are SO easy to make and are such a great craft for kids.


I also made this dolly DIY wall hook as my entry into a competition with Hillarys Blinds, we were all sent a metre of fabric and had to make anything we wanted with it.


Oh and I didn’t actually make this but Mr C did, it was literally just a shell when he bought it, it had no engine, wheels or inside so he has built it all from scratch ready to drift in this year. He’s worked so hard on it so it’s so nice to see it now it’s finished, I took my camera down to his workshop the other day so we could take some photos of it.

hot-rod drift rod retro cars

And Lastly…

I’m off to London again tomorrow for Britmums Live. Boots are sponsoring me so I’m meeting with them for brunch tomorrow morning to hear all about their seasonal campaign #SummerGoodTimes. They basically want us all to get out there and have good times this summer which sounds good to me!

Then I’m looking forward to hearing Ella from Deliciously Ella speak tomorrow afternoon, oh and the BiBs tomorrow night!


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