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Fisher Price Classic Toys Range

by Jessica Amey

I absolutely love the Fisher Price classic toys range.

Fisher Price have been around since 1930 which means most of us can probably remember playing with them in our childhood, I know I can.

Just looking at them gives me that feeling of nostalgia, they make so many amazing toys these days but it would be a real shame to forget about the originals so I love the fact some of them are still available today as the Fisher Price Classics range labelled as ‘yesterday’s classics for today’s kids’.

If you wanted to buy one of the Fisher Price classic toys but didn’t know where to look then The Toy Store stocks this fab collection…


I had the Music Box Record Player, Xylophone and Two Tune TV when I was little so they bring back so many memories and I absolutely LOVE the camera. Mainly because I love anything camera themed.

I guess with all the brightly coloured and themed toys available today kids might not really appreciate these classics, I’m not sure mine would but that wouldn’t stop me buying them! I would choose to only have vintage looking toys like this if I could.

This Fisher Price Classic toys range is probably more for the parents, I expect we all get as excited as kids looking at today’s latest gadget when we see these!

I am definitely going to be buying some to put on display in my house.

What toys do you remember playing with as a child?

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