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Choosing a Sustainable High-Efficient One Piece Toilet

by Jessica Amey

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Over the past years, toilets come with various designs that depend greatly on people’s usage. Some toilet designs involved changing the toilets shape or style, while some transform the functionality of the toilet. This includes adding the cistern, flushing mechanisms, separating the cistern etc.

Most of these changes occur as a result of style and fashion, more comfort, and cleaner lines. However, in recent times some of these changes occur as a result of the need to save water, through enhancing the efficiency of the flushing mechanisms, to use less water for flushing and at the same time save money on water bills. There are many toilet selections that include one piece toilet monteal, dual flush toilet, water saver toilet, high flow toilet, elongated toilet and high-efficiency toilets.

Dual Flush Toilets

Dual flush toilets are common throughout the world. This is the most effective method of reducing water consumption in your homes. The dual toilet flushes do not require a lot of water usage. The toilet design consists of 2 buttons, namely the short flush and the full flush. The short flush is used to get rid of liquid waste products while the full flush is used to get rid of solid waste products. The toilet requires a little volume of water so as to flush the waste products. The standard flush system makes use of the force from the water and air so as to get rid of the waste products, while the dual system uses only the force from the water to get rid of waste products. As a result of this, dual flush toilets help to make use of water efficiently.

However, the standard flush system can be changed into the dual flush system. There are 2 ways of doing this. The whole toilet can be changed or the interior parts of the standard flush tank can be replaced with the dual action flush lever or the dual flush toilets valve by making use of the conversion kit as shown below.

Advantages of Dual Flush Toilets:

The dual system helps to reduce the water consumption. It provides the users a choice to flush, short flush or full flushes. And this kind of toilets also help to save our planet earth by efficiently use of water. It is highly recommended for nations suffering from water shortage problems. And the flush water saving toilets also can help to reduce water usage.

Disadvantages of Dual Flush Toilets:

The dual system is very difficult to install, there are many steps to install it. And as for the price, this kind of toilets is very expensive to purchase. What’s more, it is also difficult to maintain. High-efficiency toilets are necessary for houses because they use a little amount of water for flushing. This is the best method you need to watch out for each time you are shopping. Here are some tips of the most common types of toilets, and their functions.

Support pressure: The toilet design does not require traditional flushing mechanisms; instead, it uses the vessel inside the toilet tank that traps air. The toilet tank will be filled with water and uses the pressure coming from the water to compress the trapped air. The compressed air is free and the siphonic one piece toilet suck water from the bowl so as to get rid of waste products. They are very expensive to install.

Gravity: Most household toilets make use of the gravity type toilet. Since the commencement of 6 litres toilets, the gravity type flushing action has improved drastically. Gravity toilet bowl works along with the siphoning action, forcing water from the toilet bowl and with the present design technology, 6 litres gravity toilets perform well than the old large volume toilets.

Vacuum support: The vacuum support toilets have a means of creating a small vacuum in the trap so as to help in flushing water from the toilet bowl. The large flush valve or flappers are similar to gravity type toilets.

The most important factors to consider when selecting your toilet include:

Rough-in Dimension:

You must determine the distance of your toilet from the finished wall to the centre of the sewer drain. The most common size includes 10″, 12″, or 14″ rough-in.

Bowl Size:

Most people prefer elongated toilet bowls to be more comfortable. Elongated toilet bowls measure about 31″ from the wall, but the round bowl measure 28″. The elongated toilet bowls consume a lot of space in the bathroom.

The installation of the toilet: There are many types of toilet available in the market. A one-piece toilet consists of a bowl and a tank. It is very expensive to install. It is very easy to clean because they did not have a seam. The two-piece toilet contains tank bolts on top of the bowl and it is not expensive compared to the one-piece toilet.

In conclusion, I hope the features mentioned in this article help you understand that when it comes to choosing a high-efficiency one piece toilet for sustainability and water saving. Toilets will always remain an essential bathroom fixture that will continue to undergo changes throughout the years.

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