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Clearing Out My Wardrobe For Spring

by Jessica Amey

This is always the time of year when I start unpacking my spring and summer clothes, I don’t pack my winter clothes away just yet as the weather is still a bit unpredictable (apparently it’s going to snow again this weekend?!) but it’s always exciting to have my summer clothes all hanging up again.

I also use this time to donate anything I don’t think I will wear again and get rid of anything that is too worn to last another year. I try to be as minimalistic as possible with clothes, I’ve never been into fashion and have no desire to spend lots of money on new clothes. I usually buy something then wear it for as long as possible, basically until it’s falling apart! I’ve recently replaced all my pyjamas and the vests I wear to bed were literally so full of holes!!

I find that my tastes change quite a lot too, I love looking in charity shops and will quite frequently buy something I love only to later decide I hate it and donate it back again!

I actually get far more joy from clearing out my wardrobe then I do from putting new things in it so there is always a bag in my car of things waiting to go to charity. I also find that having ‘nice’ clothes is a bit pointless as the clothes hanging up on my rail never even get worn, I tend to stick to a few comfortable outfits that are in and out of the wash so often they rarely make it to the hanging rail. I’m all about comfort over fashion!

Which is why I sold off all my high heeled shoes on eBay last year, I was literally never wearing them as it just isn’t practical in my current life so there was no point in keeping them. I have kept the odd pair for when I go to weddings but other than that I made much better use of the money from selling them.

Even in the summer I tend to just live in flip flops over any other type of sandal, they are so cheap and easy to put on and off. Unlike the pom pom sandals in the photo! Love how they look but a nightmare to get on, get off and to walk in! Then in winter I go for a pair of comfortable boots, Uppersole have some quality over the knee boots which you can see here. I’m not really into that style though and prefer to go for a mid calf height. As a vegan, I obviously make sure that they aren’t made of leather or sheepskin. Luckily there is a good range of faux leather / suede boots available in high street shops these days.

Obviously a comfortable pair of wellies is also essential in this country, no matter what the season! I love wearing them with wellie socks in the winter as otherwise my feet get freezing.

My favourite part of unpacking my summer clothes is seeing all my floral granny skirts again though, I’ve been collecting them over the years from charity shops and I love them! Also my pastel knitted jumpers…

Yay for spring!

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