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Give Your Bedroom A Breath Of Life With These Easy Steps

by Jessica Amey

The bedroom is the one place in the home that we retire to every single day, but it’s also the place we spend the least time. When you have a lounge, conservatory, kitchen, dining room and garden to spend time in during the day, it’s easy to make the bedroom the place you dump all your storage bits and bobs. It’s also easy to shut the door and forget about it until you feel tired and want to go to sleep. As bedrooms get so neglected, the rest of your home could be end up looking like it’s finished whilst you haven’t given the bedroom a second thought.

Giving your bedroom a new look and turning your attention to some upgrades doesn’t mean that you have to totally blow the budget. It just means that you get to be a little clever and a lot creative to make it look like the relaxing haven that it should be. Your bedroom should look like a place to relax totally while still reflecting your personality and giving you a little boost when you wake up every day. The bedroom should be all about your personal style; after all, it’s where you keep all the things that make you who you are. Your clothes, shoes, makeup and dressing table are all kept in the bedroom, right? So, what you need is a space to feel inspired, relaxed and motivated all at the same time. Here are some fab steps to help you get your bedroom looking as on point as you want it to.


One of the biggest trends for bedrooms is white. White walls, white flooring and white linens give bedrooms a clean and fresh look. For a little something to jazz it up and break up the stark white of the bedroom, try out one of the wall murals from WallpaperInk and see whether you can find a particular mural that shows off something you’re proud of or inspired by. You could even try colour blocking for your walls. It’s cheap, it’s easy and you won’t have to call anyone in to do it for you. Painting bold colours gives your bedroom a statement look and it can help your personality to show through.


One of the biggest things about upgrading your bedroom is going to be the accessories that you can scatter around the place. Sticking with accessories that are modern and getting rid of the dated items is going to make the whole room look better. Old fans just don’t fit with a modern aesthetic, right? So, swap them out for this Dyson fan instead. Add mirrors in a smaller space to make the room look bigger and brighter, and make sure that you have the right number of throw pillows on squashy armchairs and the bed for during the day. For an even simpler look, colour-match the pillows with the walls.


Bedroom lights should be soft. It’s a place to relax, and so harsh LEDs and bulbs don’t have a place here. You need to bring in a light feature with the right light bulb wattage so that you aren’t adding too much stark lighting. Have a bright light around the mirror at the dressing table, sure, but you could go one better and uninstall the ceiling light in favour of smaller lamps. If you can’t take down the ceiling light, install a dimmer switch instead. There are alarm clocks out there that will emulate the sunrise so that you are woken with a gentle glow that steadily gets brighter in the morning. This is perfect for those suffering with conditions like SAD.


Bedrooms are more often than not, away from the outdoors. They are less likely to have a balcony or access to a garden, so it just makes sense to bring the outdoors into the house instead. You can add huge plants that stand alone in pots, or you could have clear vases around the room filled to the brim with seasonal flowers. There is nothing much nicer than having beautiful greenery around your home, and you can ensure that you keep them alive to keep the air quality in your home the best it could be. Your bedroom needs to feel fresh and clean, so that you can sleep better. Nature can do this for you.


Televisions and chargers always leave hideous wiring around the place. If you ensure that your wires are built into units and hidden behind stud walls, you can enjoy a clean look as well as enjoy watching a film in bed. Your bedroom can’t have a cluttered look, simply because a cluttered bedroom leads to a cluttered mind; and that just wouldn’t do, right?

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