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Simple Storage Tips For The Home

by Jessica Amey

If there is one thing that most homes could do with more of today, it is storage. Do you feel like you never have enough room for all of your belongings? No matter how many times you de-clutter, stuff just seems to have a habit of accumulating, and you have nowhere to put it? If this is the case, read on to discover some simple storage tips that could transform your home.

Make sure of unused spaces – The first thing you need to do is take a tour of your house and make note of all of the unused spaces. Go into every room and assess every corner and all of the space that is on offer. Jot down any part of the room that you believe is being underutilised. When you are finished, you will then have a list of all of the spots that could be transformed into extra storage space for your property. You can then find storage products and solutions that will suit the space in question. Underneath the stairs is a prime example of one of the most underutilised spaces within the home.

Hidden storage space in your kitchen – The kitchen is one room that seems to be constantly suffering from a lack of storage, but there are lots of ways you can deal with this. If there is space between your cabinet and the ceiling, then this is wasted space that could be used. You can also install narrow slide-out cupboards in between any gaps within your kitchen whereby you can store herbs and spices and such like. Hanging pots and pans on the wall is another good solution.

Choose furniture with care – Whenever you buy a piece of furniture, you need to consider the item’s storage potential. Virtually all furniture pieces today come with added storage options, from beds to coffee tables. Therefore, make this one of your main requirements whenever buying something new. Why not upgrade your bathroom sink for one of the practical cloakroom vanities? Or, why not switch your existing bed for a divan bed with additional storage underneath?

Get creative – Last but not least, it is time to get creative! You only need to do a quick search online and you will see plenty of amazing suggestions regarding how you can reuse items for storage purposes. For example, you can attach metal rings to a coat hanger to make a DIY scarf hanger. You can also attach layers of fabric to a photo frame to keep your most important documents organised by your desk. Or, what about using a wine rack to neatly store pairs of shoes?

Hopefully, you now feel more prepared when it comes to creating more storage in your home. If you follow the advice that has been presented above, your home will feel much neater and cleaner, and you will feel like you have much more space available. You will be surprised by how much of a difference such simple tips can make.

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