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5 Child Safety Tips You Should Know

by Jessica Amey

Every new parent has the same question, “How to guarantee the safety of their child?” Well, the simple answer is that you can’t but it is possible to be more cautious and pay attention to little details. This helps to prevent accidents and can make the difference in maintaining your child’s safety. Of course, you can’t be a 24 hr guardian but definitely, it is possible to establish some rules and use some items to improve safety.  Kids will be kids and accidents happen, it is no fault of yours. In case you need a little guidance in this area, here are five great safety tips to prevent your kids from being hurt:

1. Use safety accessories: There are plenty of features for your home that can be installed and encourage safety around the house. Specialized stores like, Perma Child Safety have a huge variety of accessories that are very helpful in keeping kids safe. These accessories range from monitors, fences, corner protectors and everything else that could help to prevent any kind of accident. Make sure you purchase the items that you need according to your child’s age and behavior.

2. Keep them out of the kitchen: Always reinforce with your kids that the kitchen is not a playground. The most dangerous accidents for kids occur in this area of the house. Kids can be stubborn, so you will need some inspiration and techniques to keep them out of the kitchen. You can try explaining to them what could happen if they get burned or cut. If that doesn’t work, you can use games and videos as a way to teach them.

3. Secure furniture: One of the favourite sports among children is climbing! When your kid is feeling active, he/she may want to climb bookshelves, TV stands and many other things that could fall on them. One easy and very useful tip is to secure these types of furniture to the wall. You can use anchors made with cables and expansive screws in the wall. This will secure the furniture and if your child happens to climb it, it won’t fall. You can also do this with your T.V.; you would be surprised with the amount of children hurt every year by taking the T.V. down!

4. Teach them to swim: If you have a pool, the best way to prevent drowning or other dangers, is to teach your child how to swim. You can close the access to the pool or even cover it but it is still possible for the curiosity of the kids to get past these obstacles. For this reason, the best way to keep them safe is by teaching them how to swim. This way, they will be able to survive, in case they fall into the pool and you are not around.

5. Explain how electricity works: Another common accident among children in their house is with the electricity. Kids are curious and they will want to discover everything that seems strange to them. Unfortunately, one of their favourite things to do is mess with electrical outlets. Kids will try to put their finger in it, just to find out what it is about. For this reason, take the time, as soon as you can, to explain to them how electricity works. Reinforce this explanation with a preventative measure, like plug blockers. They are near impossible for kids to take out, which keeps them safe from being electrocuted.

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