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Glasses VS Contact Lenses

by Jessica Amey

Making the choice between glasses and contact lenses can be a tricky one, but a useful one if you are needing to buy astigmatism contact lenses online. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Glasses for example are great for lots of reasons such as..

They can make a real fashion statement. There are so many different designs out there these days, no matter what your budget. So if you enjoy changing your look then glasses are a great way to do that, you can have different pairs for different occasions and even match them to special outfits. Mister Spex have a huge range of glasses to choose from and you virtually try them on too before buying them.

They are easy to put on and don’t involve any contact with the eyes.

They can last for a long time if you look after them.

You can find a pair for a very affordable price.

On the flip side they aren’t so great in a few ways..

They are easy to lose, Matt is constantly losing his glasses!

They can get scratched.

You might find them uncomfortable sitting on your ears or nose.

They steam up.

They can distort your vision.

Some people might feel they don’t suit wearing them.

They aren’t always practical for playing sports or carrying out certain activities.

Contact lenses also have their positives such as..

Giving you more natural vision as there isn’t anything in the way to block your vision.

You don’t have to worry about them steaming up and they are great for playing sports as you don’t have to worry about them falling off or breaking like glasses.

If you don’t feel like you suit glasses then contacts will make you feel more confident.

But again there are a few negatives such as..

Some people might find them tricky to insert, and there is a higher risk of infection due to touching the eye.

They can work out a bit more expensive.

The choice between contact lenses and glasses really is a personal one so it might take a bit of time wearing both to see which you prefer. Or you can always have both, that’s what Matt does. He wears glasses in his day to day life then has contact lenses for when he goes out on his motocross bike.

Which do you prefer?

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