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How can I take better care of my teeth? The facts you need to know

by Jessica Amey

After a day spend chasing after the kids, the school run, working at the office or at home, doing the housework, then helping with homework, sorting dinner and then hopefully getting into bed before midnight – it’s not surprising that so many of us neglect our own hygiene routine!

But is brushing alone good enough to keep your teeth in good condition? If you want to avoid painful trips to the teeth implants clinic in Weybridge or if you don’t fancy tackling toothache in Torquay then read on for some handy oral health tips that you can start using today!

Brush your teeth!
Yes, it’s very obvious advice but there’s a reason why your dentist tells you to brush at least twice a day! The best time to brush is after a meal, but this isn’t always practical if you’re at work or out and about, so dentists recommend chewing sugar free gum in the meantime. A toothbrush with soft bristles will be kinder to your gums and a toothbrush with a smaller head will mean that you can brush in all those hard to reach places.

And make sure you brush for at least two minutes!

Your toothpaste
There are so many different types of toothpastes on the market, it can be difficult to know which one to buy…so, next time you find yourself stuck in the toiletries aisle at the supermarket, just choose a fluoridated toothpaste. Fluoride is used to harden the enamel on your teeth and help prevent tooth decay.

Watch your acid intake
Yep. Acid. You’ll find harm acids in things like fizzy drinks, cordials and even fruit juices. This kind of acid dissolves the tooth enamel minerals that keep our teeth strong and healthy and creates holes – or as we know them; cavities. So be careful of how much you’re consuming.

Sugary foods
Remember when your parents would warn you your teeth would fall out if you eat too many sweeties? Well, they were kind of right! If you have a build- up of plaque already on your teeth, then the bacteria in that plaque will turn that sugar into acid which will damage your teeth!

Remember what they’re for!
Your teeth are there to help you chew and also to provide a happy, beautiful smile. So try to avoid using them for anything else! If you’re opening packets with them, chewing your pens, fingernails, or carrying your keys when your hands are full then you run the risk of chipping, breaking and damaging your teeth.

See your dentist
Ever heard the phrase, “prevention is better than cure”? It applies to your dentist. By visiting your dentist regularly you’re reducing the possibility of problems arising further down the line. If your dentist spots the early signs of something nasty then they can offer advice or take steps to prevent the problem from getting worse. Which means you won’t be making any emergency appointments for that toothache!

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