by Jessica Amey

We don’t have any carpets in our house. Upstairs we have floorboards that have been painted white, then in our hallway and living room we have laminate and in our kitchen we have tiles. We did used to have carpet but I find it gets stained and ruined too quickly, plus it traps dust and Matt is allergic to it. We only rent our house so didn’t want to invest much in the flooring but if we owned it then I definitely would have made more of an investment and gone for engineered wooden flooring.

There are lots of benefits to engineered wooden flooring, here is a list of some of them…

It’s neutral so goes with any decor.
No matter what the colour of you walls or taste in decor, you can find a shade of engineered wooden flooring to match.

Adds value
If you plan to sell your home then it’s a great selling point.

Doesn’t dent or bulge
The way the floor has been made means it withstand changes in humidity without denting or bulging.

Long lasting
It can go years without needing to be refinished, some brands even come with a lifetime guarantee.

Easy to clean
It’s even suitable for commercial areas.

It’s durable
It is great for high traffic areas.

It’s great when you have pets or young children
As it’s durable and easy to clean it’s the perfect choice if you have children or pets.

Doesn’t trap dust
Perfect for anyone with dust allergies.

Compatible with underfloor heating
Not only is it warmer than tiles anyway, with underfloor heating you wouldn’t have to worry about cold feet in winter.

Choice of finishes
You can choose from a range of finishes such as distressed, burnt, aged, lacquered or oiled to give it a really personal touch.

Looks like real wood

Easy to install
You don’t need any carpentry experience to be able to fit it making it a great option.

If you are looking to buy some engineered wooden flooring then Lifestyle Flooring UK have a huge range on their website.

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