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How Much Are You Willing To Spend On Clothes?

by Jessica Amey

If you walk down a high street regularly you may notice that the mannequins in the clothes shops change quite often. Retailers like to showcase their season’s best outfits and try to entice customers into the shop to hopefully spend a lot of money on clothes. But when you think about how often these shops stock new items and the different offers and sales they have on, some people could end up spending a fortune trying to keep up with the many different trends each year.

A recent survey from Chums showed that women of Manchester were likely to spend up to £511 on tops, jeans, shoes and jewellery which seems a lot in comparison to men living in Cardiff who were willing to spend up to £271. It seems as though men are more interested in buying comfy shoes like sandals and trainers than jumpers and t-shirts.

How someone’s clothes spending compares to other peoples could depend on a number of things, such as where the person lives or if they prefer to buy more expensive pieces that will last them years over cheaper, fast fashion clothes. With topics like climate change featuring in the news more and more, people are now changing how they approach buying clothes.

As people are realising the effects that fast fashion has on climate change with throwaway clothing being a bigger factor than air and sea travel, it’s no wonder that people are staying away from retailers who are mass producing disposable clothes.

Whether you want to spend £500+ on clothes or if you prefer to buy your clothes in a more sustainable way like from a charity shop, the idea of how much we are actually spending or are willing to spend on clothes is an interesting one.

How much do you spend on clothes and how does it compare to other people’s spending habits? Share your thoughts by using the hashtag #FashionSpend.

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