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5 Reasons To Go On A Disney Holiday

by Jessica Amey

With 6 Disney locations around the world, there really is no excuse not to go! I’ve only ever been to the Paris one but would love to visit the Florida park. They even have parks in Japan, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

For a lot of people it’s a once in a lifetime kind of holiday and from what I’ve heard it definitely leaves you with enough memories to treasure forever.

Here are some of the things that make Disney so popular..

It’s not just for kids
The great thing about Disney characters are that they’ve been around for so long that we all know and love them. Unlike certain kid’s TV characters who drive us a little bit mad, not mentioning any names, we all have our favourite Disney characters. This will no doubt bring out your inner child and help you connect and have fun with your own kids!

There is something for everyone
Food, fireworks, big rides, small rides, water parks, meeting characters.. no matter what you are into you will find it at Disney.

Happy kids = Happy Parents
Every parent reaches a point where they realise that if your kids are happy, you will be happy. Trying to take your kids out to do things that they find boring will mean everyone has a horrible day so taking them to places like Disney mean they will have the best time ever which means you will too!

You will not hear the phrase ‘I’m bored’ whilst there
The dreaded phrase that parents hate to hear will be a thing of the past during your time at Disney. The Florida site is the size of San Francisco!! And has four theme parks, two water parks, two entertainment districts, a sports complex and lots of hotels. Don’t you just want to go and pick up your Disney tickets?!

If you’ve never seen photos or heard about the fireworks that happen in front of the Cinderella Castle then where have you been? They look absolutely magical and would definitely factor up there as a reason to visit.

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