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How to Eat Vegan on a Budget: A Student Guide

by Jessica Amey

Eating vegan is a lifestyle choice that is becoming more popular and, therefore, there are a lot more products out there, which can be bought on a budget. If you are moving away from home for university, or are just learning how to become vegan, here are some easy tips to eat vegan whilst on a budget.

Eat In!
The temptation to eat out, especially as a university student, is too easy. With the option to order food from our favourite restaurants at the click of a button, choosing someone else to make our food is much more appealing. Doing this means that you will slowly dwindle away your cash, which could be saved by making your own food. As an incentive, save your extra cash for a night out or that new coat you’ve had your eye on.

Embrace the Whole Foods
Whole foods are not only incredibly good for you; they can also be one of the cheapest items to buy. A whole food is anything that has been refined or processed only slightly, therefore, making it free from artificial substances and additives. Basing meals around these means you can have a vegan, budget-friendly, and healthy meal all in one. Examples of these include wholegrain rice, frozen vegetables, and legumes.

Shop Around
With the help of the internet, it has never been easier to shop around for the best prices. The cheapest stores are usually those such as Lidl or Aldi for picking up inexpensive fruit and vegetables, as well as packet goods. If your town or city has a marketplace, consider buying fresh. This can sometimes be cheaper than buying in-store and supports your local farmers. Lincoln is a great city for farmers markets and even has its very own vegan festival each year. If you are still considering which university to go to, take a look at these apartments in Lincoln which will mean you can easily visit the annual vegan festivals there. This luxury student accommodation option means you can eat at home and enjoy vegan feasts with your friends – in style!

Buy Frozen
When eating alone, it is so much easier to buy frozen. Instead of throwing out mouldy bananas, buying frozen fruit and vegetables cuts out this loss. Often frozen alternatives are much cheaper too, and a lot easier to cook. Frozen foods are fresh when frozen, meaning they keep their nutritional
profile. During winter, when fresh ingredients may not be in season, frozen should be your go-to.

Take Turns Making Meals
Whether your flatmates are vegan or not, this does not mean they cannot enjoy vegan food too. This not only saves you all money, it means they get to try different foods and take turns in cooking. Rather than making big meals that end up being frozen for later, sharing with your flatmates ensures no wastage. If they aren’t sure about how to cook vegan, offer to help them out; who knows, they may fall in love with vegan eating too!

Choosing a vegan lifestyle at university does not need to be a tough decision. Finding the right ingredients at the right price and choosing to make your own meals can save you a lot of cash.

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