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Five Healthy and Tasty Meals

by Jessica Amey

five healthy meals

1 – Simple Noodles: I’ve been making these noodles lots recently, the dressing is so easy to make and tastes delicious, you can adjust it to your tastes too. I have it with baked tofu and stir fry vegetables.

2 – Chicken Curry Soup: I haven’t made this for a little while but it’s so easy to make and full of flavour.

3 – Maple Chipotle Vegan Burger: I’ve made these once and they tasted really good, they didn’t set as hard as I would have liked so next time I am going to try and fix that problem.

4 – Chipotle Black Bean Burgers: I haven’t made these yet but I love veggie burgers and they look amazing.

5 – Crispy Baked Tofu Teriyaki Bowl: I haven’t made this full recipe but I have been cooking my tofu in a similar way. I really like tofu but it can go soggy because of all the water it in so I’ve recently started baking it which makes it go crispy. I wrap it in lots of kitchen roll and put something heavy on top of it about an hour before cooking to drain all the water out.

Mr C was vegetarian when we started going out and I stopped eating meat too but when we went to live in Spain I found it too hard without all the veggie alternatives we get in this country and started eating it again then a short while afterwards he did. It’s funny because he used to be so anti-meat but now he gets disappointed if I make something without any in it!

I’ve mentioned lots of times before that cooking isn’t my strong point. I just don’t spend any time planning meals and as a result by the time it gets to 4pm I don’t know what to do other than put some pasta on.

I do occasionally go through bursts of trying new recipes though and all of the above are ones I found on Pinterest that I have either tried or plan to. I don’t like to eat lots of meat and love vegetarian recipes, although I do also love a good meat burger sometimes too.

Really if it was down to me (and we could afford it!) we would either have a chef come in and cook for us or go out to eat every night.

I love going out to eat in restaurants, especially since having kids as the occasional meal out is the only time Mr C and I get any time to ourselves! Quandoo lets you find and book restaurants easily as well as choosing places based on the atmosphere you are looking for and the people you will dining with. You can earn loyalty points too which can be traded for a voucher so it’s a really great way to book a table for your night out. I much prefer doing it online too as I’m not a fan of talking on the phone!

Do you like cooking or would you eat out if you could afford it?!


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