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Every Day Is Pancake Day

by Jessica Amey

We are MASSIVE pancake fans in this house, well apart from Cherry who doesn’t like them. I KNOW!!

I quite frequently make them for lunch and can’t imagine only eating them on pancake day but the day itself is a great excuse to eat them for dinner. I usually make savoury ones followed by sweet ones, you can’t get enough pancakes in my opinion.

Pancake mixture is so easy to make. I use this recipe and mix it all together with my electric whisk:

1 cup* of plain flour
1 egg
1 cup* of milk (sometimes I add a bit extra as I prefer them to be more like crepes)

*When I say cup, I mean the actual measuring size cup, I got a set in my local supermarket.

I also swap the cows milk for either coconut or soya milk if Mr C is eating them as he can’t have dairy.

pancake batter


My ultimate favourite topping is lemon and sugar although I do also love chocolate spread and jam and cream.

pancakes 5

pancakes 6

Pancakes 3

pancakes 7

I asked my friends on Facebook what their favourite pancake topping is the other day and had answers ranging from nothing to.. wait for it… onion gravy! Apparently it makes it like a soggy Yorkshire pudding.

What’s your favourite pancake topping?!

Another favourite in our house is waffles, the recipe for waffles is pretty similar to pancakes with just a couple of differences. Waffle batter needs some sugar and also some fat. I have to admit though that we only eat waffles when we go out, mainly because you need a waffle maker and we don’t have one. When you go out they are obviously fully prepared and use a commercial waffle maker but if I had one at home I would literally just live on waffles!

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