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Fresh From The Garden: Add The Home-Grown Touch To Family Meals

by Jessica Amey

Now that the weather seems to have taken a chilly turn; you might not have getting out into the garden each day in mind. Bonfire night has been and gone, and everyone seems to be getting into the festive spirit (already) and preparing for the cold winter nights ahead. However, the garden can still provide you with plenty of fun, fresh air, and food! Now is the time to prepare your outside space for the frosty nights and potential snow so that when spring gets here; you’ll have a rich and vibrant backyard, full of things to smell, pick, and eat.

There’s no better time than when they’re little, to get your children involved on growing and looking after a natural space; they’ll love the nurturing side and it will help them develop their skills in patience and determination. Also, there’s nothing cuter than miniature gardening equipment, so the more you get to see them utilise those things, the better. There are plenty of veg that you can plant now, that will survive even the hardest of ground frosts with a little TLC, and perhaps a covering of fleece; so put on your winter woollies and head out to prepare your garden space with your home-cooked meals, tasty recipes, and kitchen cupboards in mind. The following are some ideas and tips for those who want to know exactly where their ingredients have come from, and reduce their trips to the supermarket to get them.

Preparing The Environment

The soil where you plant your onions, spuds, and carrots (can you feel a stew coming on) is crucial to the success of your gardening plans. Therefore, you need to section off the area where you want to put your veg outside and start digging. Head to your nearest garden centre and ask for soil advice; they’ll be able to help you enrich your soil as you plough the fork or spade through it. As previously mentioned; you’ll have frost and awful weather to deal with, so make sure that you’re prepared with a fleecy covering, to keep your veg cosy and growing successfully. For some ideas on what the best vegetables to grow over the winter period, take a look here: https://www.thompson-morgan.com/top-10-winter-vegetables and start recipe planning!

A Warmer Space

If you have the space and the budget; a greenhouse can provide an area and give you the ability to grow even more of your own produce. You can check out some of Halls popular greenhouses and start thinking about all the grow bags and pots that you and your kids can enjoy popping seeds into and watching them grow over time. A greenhouse is also the perfect space for a little escape and mindfulness when the family household gets a little hectic (Christmas can send people bonkers), place a heater and a radio in there so you can enjoy tending to your plants on frosty mornings. Potting and storage sheds are also great places to put all the gardening gear you’ll be investing in, and you can make them as decorative as you want; they can double up as playhouses, and keep bulbs in a warm, dark space until they start to sprout in spring.

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