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Surviving A Holiday With Your Parents As An Adult

by Jessica Amey

So, you’ve decided to go on holiday with all of the family, including your parents. You think that the trip will be good for all of you, but you’re also a little bit worried about how you’ll cope travelling with your parents – something you might not have done since you became an adult. After all, you don’t want your break to be ruined for anyone.

Don’t worry! Just check out these tips for surviving a holiday with your parents as an adult:

Ensure You’re all Covered

If you’re travelling with your whole family, it’s important that you ensure that everyone is covered by insurance, so that you won’t have to worry should anyone become sick or injured while you’re abroad. Thanks to travel insurance for over 60s and insurance for pre-existing conditions, it has never been easier to ensure that you can find coverage for all the family. So, don’t neglect this simple step.

Plan Your Route to and from the Airport in Advance

This is a good tip for when you’re travelling with any other adult, whether they be related to you or not. Why? Because if you’re travelling with other people, they’re all going to have an opinion on which route is fastest, how you can beat the traffic and so on. This can so easily lead to an argument that will sour the whole holiday if you aren’t careful, which is why it is best to plan and agree on a route ahead of time.

Agree on Childcare in Advance

Another thing that can cause arguments and resentments when you’re travelling with your children and your parents is the issue of childcare. If you treat your parents as little more than free childcare when you head off on holiday, they aren’t likely to be thrilled, but they probably will want to spend some quality time with the grandkids, and they will most likely be happy to give you a little break. So, talk about it before you head off, work out a rough plan of what you’ll do with your time, and you’ll all have the best holiday you can possibly have.

Plan Your Own Schedules

You might be holidaying together, but that doesn’t mean that you have to do everything together. You might be more interested in scoping out the local art galleries, while your parents might be more interested in their natural surroundings. Sit down and work out the things you would like to do together and the things that you’d sooner do apart and draw up your own itineraries.

Take Lots of Pictures

If you’re lucky enough to have your whole family around you, take the time to appreciate this fact by taking lots of photographs together and making the most of each other’s company when you are together.

Diffuse Arguments

If arguments do take place, as they so often do when family gets together, try to diffuse the situation instead of getting involved, adding to the problem and trying to put the blame on others. Acknowledge issues, take a step back and if possible spend some time apart until you can all look at things with a cooler head.

Enjoy your trip!

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