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Increase The Value Of Your Home With These Ideas

by Jessica Amey

Whether you’ve decided to sell or just start making those positive changes to your home, increasing its value should always be in the back of your head. Sure, its value will passively increase with the market but placing all your hopes on that may not be good enough if you have a certain market in mind. Many have tipped the housing bubble to burst, and although its still moving in an upward trajectory it pays to think about adding to your home’s value yourself if you were hoping for a return when you sell down the line. Luckily, most of the things you can do to add to your homes value makes it a better place to live for you and your family. It can happen by accident simply by decorating your home or making general improvements. There are, of course, certain improvements which add far more value than others. The below examples can set you on your way to increasing your homes value, leaving you ready to reap the rewards upon sale.

Energy consumption is a key thought to home value. In the UK, all homes have to have their energy EPC rating fully evaluated before selling a home. Not only does it provide environmental considerations to the new home buyers but directly impacts their monthly expenditure. If it’s cheaper to heat etc. then it’s going to be more attractive to the buyer. One of the main areas of concern regarding energy is the windows. They’re plugging holes in your house from where heat can easily escape. There are various ways you can approach window replacement, Using Double Glazing Funding To Find Double Glazing Installer is one way to go about it. Windows are pricey but you’ll reap the rewards with lower heating costs and energy consumption. Also, they can make the home look better from outside, a huge plus point. Solar panels are another option. Not only can they save you money, but you can even sell excess energy back to your provider in most cases. Generating your own energy is a huge plus for those who want to be more environmentally friendly. A big put off is having the huge panels on the outside of the home, potentially damaging the aesthetic. However, if you get them put on the back of your home it nullifies the problem. It all depends on the position of the home in relation to where the sun will be shining for the most of the day.

Many people don’t think about the outside of the home when considering how to increase the value. For some people the garden is everything. Outside space is a big plus if there are kids in the family, or if the new buyers like throwing the odd party. In the first instance, see if you can increase the space in the garden. If you’ve got bushes and trees around the edges cut them back. It’s all about appearance. The more space the more the home will be valued at. If there is lots of work to be done in the garden it may lower the value of the home. Think about getting new patios and driveways. It’ll look much better and the money you spend on doing it in most cases will go straight on the value of the house.

The floor in your home, like the garden patio, can add a huge amount to the value. This is especially the case if you go for bespoke flooring of a high quality. Make sure you get it fitted by a professional and if it needs sanding follow the same advice. A new carpet can add value too, but not as much as wooden floor. If your budget is low, think about getting it in the main living area only. Again, it’s not just about getting expensive floor down, but making sure the floor you have doesn’t look worn. Ensuring your floor is in fairly good condition when the time comes to sell means any good impression first given outside continues throughout the home.

Lick of Paint Goes A Long Way
How much is paint? There are always sales on, especially if you’re just going for white. A quick paint over makes your home look fresh and welcoming. It doesn’t necessarily add reams of value, but it does give it that sheen of quality a lot of homes will be missing. Try to keep the colours neutral. It may be tempting to go for a deep red or green if your preference dictates, but if you keep it neutral it has more chance of appealing to a wider audience. Sure, it’s easy for the buyer to repaint, but helping them along on that impression can go a long way.

Structural Additions
They’re expensive, but if you want to add some real chunks of value these are the way to go. Also, it’ll give you and your family extra space to live in and utilise in the meantime. Even if you aren’t planning on a sale, adding to your home can increase your quality of life. At the larger end are the home extensions, especially the double ones. Here, you’re looking to add a room downstairs and another bedroom upstairs. Significant upgrades but are quite pricey. Garage conversions are popular, creating more space downstairs usually in the form of a utility or play room. As you’re converting a building instead of building from scratch the price can be a little less. These are usually middle ground works you can get done to your home. You could consider a porch extension. It doesn’t sound much, but by building a porch you have a space for entrance, meaning the old place for entrance can be used as part of the home proper. Conservatories are great too, but remember how important garden space is. It can be detrimental to build a conservatory at the expense of garden space if you leave little left. The conservatory can seem to extend the kitchen and give you that little bit of extra space downstairs if you don’t have a garage to convert.

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