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Smart Storage For Your Home

by Jessica Amey

Your home might be your castle but that doesn’t mean it’s not in need of some serious DIY projects to give your family a lot more room to live together comfortably. When you could really do with moving but haven’t quite got that Remortgage Conveyancing Quote in place, you’re going to need to create some extra space by thinking a little bit outside the box.

In this blog we take a look at storage solutions and space savers that turn your home into a castle and give you a fresh look at your decor.

The Basics
Yes, it’s time for a grand declutter and the very best thing you can do is to teach yourself to be a little less sentimental. Yes, your child’s first school report is a cute thing to read but how about scanning it in your computer then tossing the paper version? If there’s one thing that builds up quickly, it’s old paperwork. Creating an electronic filing system is the perfect solution so download a file storage site and take your paperwork, digital.

Clothes and toys are the other two major sticking points for a clutter-free home. It’s hard for children to part with their toys, even ones they no longer show any interest in, so get the job done while they’re at school. Chances are they won’t even notice they’re gone. Make use of your local charity shop to send your donations on to a good home.

The Clever Solutions
There are some pretty amazing solutions out there. One small but useful tip is putting up more shelves. Get rid of books and ornaments that clutter up desks and place them higher up around the room.

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You can also make use of the backs of doors with hanging storage for shoes and laundry. These will contribute to clearer cupboards and more space to store more of the items that were clogging up the stairs and surfaces.

Take a look at furniture too. That double bed might be changed up for a divan with much better storage for bed linen and towels. How about transforming your radiator into a shelving unit with a clever radiator cover that creates you a little more surface space to use up.

For a romantic vintage look in your bedroom, think about stacking old suitcases one on top of the other to create a bedside table with a difference, the storage space inside will also be far more than a traditional unit.

A thorough clean out, some creative thinking and you’ll make a dynamic impact on your home and the space around you. It just takes a few touches to make a big difference, so get those shelves up and those door hangers on the case. Change up your existing furniture with a few drawers under the bed, a trunk table with great storage in the living area and give your home a space makeover that will give you and your family a little more room to breathe.

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