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It’s Not Too Early To Start Your Holiday Shopping

by Jessica Amey

Most market predictions for winter 2021 indicate ongoing supply chain interruptions and limited availability of products. Major companies are currently reporting a 400% increase in delays year- over-year. Consumer goods could be up to 20% more expensive during the holiday season this year compared to 2020. Find out why consumer goods and supply chain experts recommend shopping for holiday gifts that are in high demand, such as a beach cruiser electric bike, sooner rather than later.

Avoid The Disappointment of Limited Supplies
Backlogs across industries and increased demand for available items are likely to lead to limited supplies at the end of the year. Temporary closures in manufacturing around the world over the last year and a half due to the coronavirus pandemic and a global semiconductor shortage have limited production of numerous consumer goods that contain microchip processors.

While many high-tech devices may be only available in limited quantities, you can get great gifts from the top ebike brands, especially if you act quickly and buy while stock remains available. Ebikes are innovative presents with electric motors and batteries. Place an order for ebikes you plan to give as gifts this holiday season soon to ensure availability. Planning ahead can also increase the likelihood that a bike will ship and arrive in time to be the perfect present.

Getting The Best Holiday Deals
Prices on many items have gone up and are expected to spike near the end of the year due to limited availability and increased demand. The all-items Consumer Price Index went up by 0.2% between July and August 2021, reaching a level 5.3% higher than the CPI in August 2020. Most supply chain professionals recommend playing it safe and doing holiday shopping this year during the fall.  While it may still be worthwhile to look out for deals around Black Friday and the start of the
conventional holiday shopping season, these offers are not likely to be as competitively priced as in the past. Knowing you have presents in hand can provide peace of mind as the holidays approach.

Receive Gifts In Time For the Holidays
It is also important to factor in shipping delays when completing your holiday gift list. A global shipping container shortage combined with the slowing of first-class postal service deliveries is sure to wreak havoc with last-minute gifts. Purchasing presents weeks or even months in advance of the holidays makes it more likely that you will have gifts in hand when it’s time to celebrate. This is particularly the case for large packages, such as a box that contains a ladies bike.

People who purchase holiday gifts in advance can have wider selections to choose from and more availability of products. According to the National Federation of Independent Businesses, 90% of small business owners say that supply chain disruptions are already affecting operations. Most supply chain experts suggest that disruptions may only be resolved later in 2022 or by the first quarter of 2023. No matter which gifts you plan to give, you should shop early for holiday presents this year.

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