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Is Your Child Struggling At School? Here’s How To Help

by Jessica Amey

School can be one of the best times of a person’s life. However it isn’t always easy. While your child could excel in certain areas, they might struggle with others. There could be various reasons for this.

A lack of support could be one of the main reasons. Sometimes parents don’t know the best way to help, if you’re in this position, you’re not alone.

Countless parents have been through the same thing so thankfully there are lots of things you can do to help them through difficult times. Some might not apply but anything is worth a go.

How To Help A Child With School

Get Them A Tutor

One of the most effective ways of helping a child with school is to get them a tutor. These will be people that are well-versed in particular subjects. The majority are either teachers themselves or have degrees in specific fields. That makes them a recommended option for helping your child.

With recent innovations, online tutoring has become increasingly common. Online tuition for maths and physics, for example, has exploded in popularity, as has a few other topics. If your child is struggling with a particular class, then it’s worth getting them a tutor.

These could be somewhat costly but can be really helpful in helping your child in areas you don’t know much about.

Set Them Up For Homework Success

Your child will be given homework to reinforce the lessons they learned in class that day. You should make sure to maximize this as much as possible. That means making sure that your child can do their homework properly. Having an area or set time for this can make it more of a routine for them.

Supporting your child with their homework is also recommended, so you should help them if they ask. If you find that your child is often getting too much homework every night, then it could be worth speaking with their teacher.

After all, your child shouldn’t be spending most of the evening and night doing homework.

Make Sure They’re Ready To Learn

When your child gets to school, you’ll need to make sure they’re ready to learn. If they’re not, they might not learn properly or be able to pay attention. You can do this in several ways. A good breakfast is one of the more notable.

Making sure this is healthy and nutritious will boost their attention span, focus, memory, and several other things. As a result, they’ll be better able to absorb information when they’re at school.

You should also make sure that your child gets a healthy lunch during the day. While some schools offer this, you might have to pack their lunch for them. Like breakfast, making this healthy will make sure to boost their performance for the rest of the day.

Teach Them Organization

If your child can’t focus, then they won’t be able to study properly. One of the first steps to know how to help your child with school is to teach them to be organized. That will let them better schedule their homework and study time.

That could mean having an assignment book that your child fills out at school and checks off as they do their homework. You should check this assignment book regularly to make sure that your child is staying up-to-date with their schoolwork.

You should also make sure that your child keeps their school desk organized. While you mightn’t be able to oversee them as they do this, you should speak to them about how important this can be.

Show Them Study Skills

Quite a few children can get scared at the prospect of a test. While there are multiple reasons for this, one could be a fear of failure. If your child doesn’t know how to study properly, then that could turn to anxiety. That’s because, if they don’t know how to study, then they might believe that they won’t do too well.

Teaching them study skills can be an effective way of helping your child. The earlier you teach these to your child, the more effective they’ll be. One of the more notable skills you should teach them is how to break studying into manageable chunks.

Regular break-taking is also a recommended skill. The more adept your child is at studying, the better able they’ll perform at school. If you help them, then they’ll feel more supported, which can enhance the effect.

Get Involved

If you’re worried about your child at school, it could be worth getting involved. That doesn’t mean simply helping with their homework. Instead, it means volunteering with the school and being involved in different events.

Not only will this let you support your child, but it also shows them how interested you are in their education. While this will primarily be effective with younger children, it could still be worth considering.

There are multiple ways you can get involved in your child’s school, such as:

  • Being a classroom assistant.
  • Organizing fundraising activities.
  • Chaperoning field trips.
  • Serving as a library assistant.
  • Giving a talk for career day.

If your child is uncomfortable about you being at the school, you could take a more behind-the-scenes approach. That could involve helping to plan trips but not being there to chaperone. You’ll also need to make sure that your child knows that you’re not there to spy or be overbearing.

Wrapping Up

Many parents don’t know how to help a child with school. As effective as helping them with their homework might be, that wouldn’t be enough for some children. If your child needs an additional hand, you shouldn’t see it as a bad thing.

Instead, it’s a hurdle that you and your child will need to overcome. Putting in the time and effort will make sure that that happens. Each of the above will be more than effective at helping your child with school.

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