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Knitted Snoods, Tom Hardy And Keyboard Playing #LittleLoves

by Jessica Amey


I’ve actually been learning to read music so that I can play the keyboard, it’s a new hobby and I only started at the start of the year but I really enjoy it. I made quite a lot of progress in the first week then thought I could go on to play anything, turns out I can’t but I have mastered a few hits without any mistakes. I learnt to play with a book aimed at children and once I’d finished it I wanted to move onto something a bit more exciting and aimed at grown ups so looked through the huge range that MusicRoom sell. As well as the ones in the photo I also have a keyboard crash course book that gives you different exercises to do each day. I have to admit that I just want to rush ahead and play songs I know already but unfortunately it’s not that easy!

I’m looking forward to when I can play all the Amy Winehouse hits though.

MusicRoom also instruments and other accessories so if you want to learn how to play an instrument then do check them out.



We’ve been through a phase of watching lots of films that have Tom Hardy in recently, Mr C and I both like him but for different reasons obviously 😉

We saw Lawless, Bronson, The Revenant and Wuthering Heights then we moved on to Vikings which doesn’t have Tom Hardy in but the lead guy Ragnar is HOT!

We’ve also been watching 10,000BC and lots of the George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces that we haven’t seen before.


I recently finished my Downtown Snood from We Are Knitters, it comes as a kit with everything you need and they have lots of videos on their website to show you how to do the stitches so even beginners can finish projects. You can choose the colour of your yarn too, I went to for bright pink because I’m not going to lie, I love a bit of pink! It didn’t take long to knit either as the yarn is so chunky. It’s been perfect for brightening up all these grey days we’ve having, you can see me wearing it in the next section!


We also made a rainstick, well Cherry did, it’s so simple to make and a great craft for kids.







The XX’s album, I found it in a box in my house and took it out into my car so we could listen to it. I was obsessed with it about six years ago.

And Lastly…

I had a really stressful day on Wednesday when I found out a load of files in my blog had been hacked, I’m not that good with the technical side of running a blog and thankfully my hosts sorted it out for me but seeing warning messages when clicking on to my site was a very scary moment!

And also I am so pleased it is going to be spring soon, it’s been a long, wet winter and I can’t wait to see the back of it.

Thank you to MusicRoom for sending me the books and We Are Knitters for sending me the snood kit.

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