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Vikings, Black Bean Brownies And Blog Awards

by Jessica Amey

I haven’t joined in with Little Loves for ages, purely because I always forget it’s Friday, but today I am up early and just noticed Morgana’s post so thought I would knock something up quickly.


I read a blog post yesterday about home education that wound me up a bit. I’m fine with people not agreeing with it, it’s to be expected, but this was basically implying that it’s become a ‘trend’ and was full of ill-informed assumptions about how it works and how homeschooled children will turn out. I would never dream of telling people that sending their kids to school should only be done when there is no other option and that it was going to affect them in later life so I’m not sure why it’s okay to do it the other way round.  I’m always happy to answer questions about it when people are genuinely interested but I think this person just wanted to share her thoughts on something she clearly knows nothing about. The immature reply to my tweet proves that. If you are interested in reading the post then you can find it here.


We finished the 4th season of Vikings this week and I miss it already, it’s so good. Definitely my second favourite show after Sons of Anarchy. The characters are awesome, both the men and women, and the battle scenes are amazing.

We’ve also been watching Sex Box, I just can’t believe how people can go on there but it’s interesting to watch. Oh and the new season of Made in Chelsea has me hooked too, it’s my guilty pleasure and I’m not ashamed to admit I look forward to watching it every week!

I’m so excited about the return of Peaky Blinders next week too.


I’ve pretty much finished the blanket in this photo, it’s only a small one but I just need to finish the edging and it’s done. I have been telling Mr C it’s all ready for when we have another baby 😉


I also made these black bean brownies which were so amazing, the kids ate them too. The recipe is by Chocolate Covered Katie and I discovered it when I met up with Laurenne and her family a couple of weeks ago. We’ve know each other for ages online and have so much in common so it was nice for us all to finally meet up, she had made a batch of these and I was so impressed I had to give them a go myself.


I’m literally still wearing my snow boots and winter coat as it’s been so cold. I nearly braved a skirt last weekend then went outside and realised the wind was arctic so got changed again!


Tiger got the Cars album for his birthday so that is now all we are allowed to listen to in the car, I made through five years of parenting without having a kid’s CD in the car but those days are now over 😉

And Lastly…

I found out last week that my craft blog had reached the finals of the MAD Blog Awards and I’ve just found out this morning that it’s also been shortlisted in the BiBs. I didn’t actually ask for nominations this year so it’s a really nice surprise to see my name on both of those lists, thank you to anyone who did nominate me. If you would like to vote then you can do so in the MADS here and the BiB’s here.

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