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Knitting Jumpers, The Apprentice And IKEA! #LittleLoves

by Jessica Amey


I haven’t really read anything this week, I do have two new books that I need to get cracking with though so need to find some time soon.


Despite not having telly for a few months I did end up buying an Amazon Fire Stick a few days ago after hearing that they were good, and they are! You can stream Netflix, Youtube (great for watching your own vlogs on the big screen πŸ˜‰ ) and it also has other apps like BBC iPlayer and 5 on Demand. Β It’s quite a good middle ground as it stops me from being able to watch hours of rubbish but does mean we can still watch something together in the evenings. We caught up on The Apprentice this week, I used to watch it all the time but haven’t for a few years. I do love it though, I just can’t believe the contestants are happy to go on there and make some fools of themselves! But I guess winning would be worth it as it is a good prize.

No surprise when I say I’ve also been re-watching some Sons of Anarchy too, I like having it on while I’m crocheting as it means I don’t have to focus too much Β (having seen it a million times before!). I’m on the penultimate episode and for anyone who hasn’t got that far yet there is a scene at the end of it that is my favourite of the entire show, Jax fans will know what I mean πŸ˜‰


Tiger has developed a really strong opinion on what he wears, he literally point blank refuses to wear some things and has been known to get changed twice in a morning. He never takes his McQueen wellies off and has taken a liking to this knitted jumper that we found on a stall in our local market. He keeps coming up to me and saying ‘I look cute in this don’t I mummy’, bless him!



We’ve been driving Mr C’s pick up truck and the CD player is broken, the only radio station it can pick up is Radio 1 which is so awful that I have to turn it off completely sometimes but Cherry seems to love every song they put on, a true sign I’m getting old!


I’ve been sent a jumper kit by We Are Knitters, it’s the first time I’ve attempted a jumper having only learnt how to knit at the start of the year but I went for an ‘easy’ level one and they have video tutorials for all the stitches on their website so it’s been okay so far. I love how large the needles are, it means that you can make progress really quickly and I can’t wait to see the end result.


They have so many kits of their site and they are all amazing so I’m looking forward to trying more once I’ve finished this, they have really made knitting ‘cool’ which is a great thing.

By the way I took this photo on a grey background, it’s not just a really off white photo!


We’ve also been doing some more playing with air drying clay, this freaky head was my creation from the other day. They are just drying out then we will paint them and get them up on the blog.


We also made these spooky masks for dolls the other day, it was so much fun!


I made cinnamon buns last weekend, by made I mean put in the oven for 10 minutes.


And Lastly…

I don’t what it is about the winter but we always seem to end up spending lots of time in Ikea. We’ve been twice this week although we only returned for the second time as I had to take something back. It’s nice and quiet in the week and there are certain snacks we love in there, cinnamon buns and milkshakes πŸ˜‰

The cinnamon buns I made above are from there, you can buy them frozen to take home, very risky business as I could live on them!



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