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Peaky Blinders, Christmas And Hello To 2016 #LittleLoves

by Jessica Amey

So firstly I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year!

I hadn’t planned to take a break from blogging and social media over Xmas but I ended up having a fairly long one which was very much needed after having the busiest time in November and most of December. I absolutely adore blogging and the fact I can earn a living through it but it’s not like normal jobs in that you don’t get evenings or weekends of. Having a little break gave me a chance to think about my work goals for 2016 which means I’ve come back feeling really inspired.

We had a really nice Christmas, we went up to my dad’s and spent it with him, my brother and sister. We haven’t done that since having the kids so it was a really nice change. We had a choice of either a motorway hotel or a rather expensive boutique hotel as everywhere else was booked up so we went for the latter as waking up in a motorway hotel on Xmas day wouldn’t have been very nice! The hotel was so lovely and had a separate room for the kids which had it’s own TV on the wall and the breakfast was amazing, it’s all about the breakfast 😉 so I’m pleased with the decision we made even if it was a rather pricey one!


Christmas day involved lots of eating, drinking and board game playing. Turns out this Sons of Anarchy board game is the most complicated thing in the world and comes with an entire book on how to play so we ended up giving up after about half an hour, after my dad and brother fell out over trying to take each other’s guns. Standard Christmas!


Crap quality selfie, I didn’t really take any proper photos so only have crappy phone ones.


Cherry playing with her ‘Beados’, they are beads that stick together with water and have been a big hit. She also wanted a crazy cuts Play Doh set which I really regret buying as we have had tiny bits of Play Doh all over our house ever since we got home. I’m usually pretty tolerant but this set is driving me mad!!


Then last night was new year’s eve and for the first time in years I made it up to see in the new year as we are hooked on a show at the moment. I hadn’t realised how many fireworks go off at 12pm, we only live in a small town but it was so noisy. Then I couldn’t sleep by the time I did go to bed and when I did fall asleep I got woken up numerous times by drunk people outside. Then the kids came and sat on our bed singing Jingle Bells until one of us got up, it was 7.45 so not too bad. I’m not sure what to do today, I really want to go to the beach or something but I think the weather is going to be really bad so not sure I’m brave enough!


My brother bought me The Girl On The Train which I have heard good things about and am looking forward to starting. I’ve also bought a book on mindfulness and one on craft marketing which I have made a start on. I want to really focus on building the Facebook page of my craft blog this year so will be putting some of it into practice in the next few days, after I’ve given it another makeover ;)/ Eventually I would quite like to focus on one area of crafting and maybe turn it into more of a craft business but this idea is in the very early stages.


This week we are addicted to Tattoo Fixers, we’ve watched about 8 episodes on catch up and it’s making me desperate for new tattoos as well as getting the horrifically terrible one on my back covered up. The artists on there are so amazing at what they do and although the styles aren’t all to my taste the detail of their work in unbelievable.

Then a couple of nights ago we made a start on Peaky Blinders which is on Netflix and well worth watching. It’s a British drama set in the Victorian era and is all about a gang who ran the streets, we were hooked instantly and it keeps getting better. We watched four episodes last night.

I also took the kids to see Minions yesterday which we all loved.


I haven’t actually done any crafting for over a week, the last thing I made was our Christmas crackers on Xmas eve. I have been making lots of toys though, the instructions for this marble run were far more difficult then they should have been thanks to the three glasses of prosecco I had drunk beforehand but I was rather pleased with myself when I had finished it.


Then when we were home I tackled the Lego Tour Bus which took me three entire hours! It is rather awesome though.



Nothing very interesting, when it’s wet and cold all I want to do is shove on a warm jumper so that’s what I’ve been doing.


My sister bought my dad Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweat’s album and it is so good. I made a copy and we have been listening to it non-stop ever since, if you like hillbilly style music then you will love it.

And Lastly…

I’m about to pour my Bailey’s away and start dreaming about sun, the same thing I do on every January the 1st!


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