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Being Ill, DIY Tea Bags And Gousto Food Boxes #LittleLoves

by Jessica Amey

I always mean to join in with Little Loves post each week then just completely forget it’s Friday, in fact the only way I ever remember is when I see Morgana share her link which just happened. I sometimes wish I was a bit more organised but it is never going to happen! I’ve been really ill this week and spent a few days on the sofa, luckily the kids were happy playing and we still did lots of activities sitting down so it wasn’t too bad but when you are ill with you kids you realise how different it was in your pre-children days when you got to just go to bed and rest! The Gousto Meal Boxes that we were sent to review arrived at such a good time as Mr C was able to come home early and cook without worrying about going to the supermarket (he hates the supermarket!).


Erm not a lot!


I’ve finally started watching season 3 of Orange is the New Black, I hadn’t heard very good things so hadn’t bothered with it but I’m really enjoying it so not sure why it got such bad reviews. I love the way you get to see flashbacks into the inmates previous lives and what they did to end up in prison.


My new outfit from the Gok Wan TU clothing range at Sainsburys, I love the pattern on the blouse so much. Other than that I’ve been in pyjamas all week because of being ill. I actually had to explain myself to a delivery driver the other day as I opened the door at 1pm in my pyjamas and there were 3 different delivery drivers all out there with huge parcels, it was so embarrassing but my excuse of ‘I work from home and get sent things’ probably didn’t do much good!



I really like Beyonce’s and Naughty Boy’s new song, Running or Runnin’ 😉 – I should probably point out I don’t really know who Naughty Boy is and definitely don’t listen to any of his other music but we’ve only had a radio in our car recently and whenever this comes on the radio we turn it up and sing along to it.


I can’t really claim I made these meals and it was actually Mr C but I was there to shout out from the sofa 😉

Gousto food boxes are made up from top quality and organic ingredients and come with a recipe card for you to create the meal you have chosen from the selection on their website. You can choose from a minimum of two meals which would be good for a weekend or up to four which would cover you mid-week if you are working and don’t have time to think about what to cook for dinner each night. The price varies depending on how many meals and people it’s for, you can choose either 2 or 4 portions. I don’t think the prices are that bad either, I would say it depends on how careful you are with food budgeting but we live opposite a supermarket and are terrible. We usually leave it until the last minute and pop over to get something and end up spending about £20 for one meal. The price drop the more meals you order so it varies per portion between £3.75 (4 people and 4 meals) – £6.87 (2 portions and 2 meals).

So we chose these three meals…


The Bangin’ Sausage Sarnie was my favourite, it was so good! The sauce was made from mayonnaise and mustard which I wouldn’t have thought of putting together but it was so tasty. Then there were caramelised onions in there too which made it so sweet and tasty. I think Mr C might have moaned about it being a lot of work for ‘just a sandwich’ but he was also willing to admit it was the best sausage sandwich he’d ever eaten!


Then next up was the mushroom bolognese which was also so tasty. I love cooking vegetarian recipes as although I eat meat I don’t like to that often, a lot of time they lack flavour though or require you to use a meat substitute which I don’t really like doing as they are so processed and full of salt. This was made from mainly mushrooms and tasted so good although it did have a lot of salt in it, with two sachets or soy sauce and a stock cube for two portions I’m not sure what the content would have been but our bet is it would have been quite high, it did make it taste good though! We will definitely be making this again but with less salt in.


Then the last meal was the Mexican Beans which weren’t so good. The sweet potatoes had gone soft and a bit manky, we didn’t cook this meal until about 6 days after the box arrive so they were past their best, and it definitely missed them. I think it also would have been good with some coriander. I did eat mine and it wasn’t too bad but I don’t think we will cook it again, Mr C couldn’t eat his but he can’t have dairy and without the feta cheese it didn’t taste of anything really. But you do pick your own meals so I think I just made a bad choice with this one! I won’t add a photo as it honestly looked a bit like puke on a plate and no-one wants to see that first thing in the morning!

Overall we discovered two new and delicious meals though so for that reason alone it’s worth it and if you are ordering for the first time you get £15 off so definitely worth giving it a go if you are short on time and hate cooking / meal planning!

I also made these DIY tea bags yesterday, they would make a great Christmas gift!



And Lastly…

I can’t believe how close we are to Christmas, I’m actually really excited about it this year and have so many crafts and fun activities planned. I’m also working on lots of exciting work projects so it’s going to be mega busy and I will no doubt be glad of a few days off after it’s all completed. At the moment I just have a long list of deadlines!

And life is so hard right now as it barely gets light in the day which makes taking photos in the house so bloody hard!


Thanks to Gousto for sending us a box to review.

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