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Lockdown Date Night Ideas

by Jessica Amey

If you are used to regular date nights with your partner then this lockdown will have really made a difference to your lives. We have two kids and no family nearby to babysit so date nights are generally just an annual occurrence for us so things don’t feel all that different.

However, whether you are used to having date nights or not, it’s really important to spend quality time with your partner, quality being the important word, because even if you are locked down together all day and night, it’s still possible to not really have any proper engaged time together.

Here are a few ideas for lockdown date nights…

Cooking a nice meal
If going out to eat is something you usually do on date nights then why not just replicate it at home? Cook something special, and maybe take it in turns so one week you cook and the next week your partner cooks. You can make the meal a surprise. If you have young kids then either wait until they are in bed or use a bit of bribery to get them to stay in a different room watching a movie!

Games nights with friends
If you are used to going out with your friends then why not arrange a qames night with them using a video conference app?

Trade skills
With so much time on your hands now is the perfect time to share skills and learn something from each other, maybe one of you is better at DIY? Why not ask them to teach you how to do some practical jobs around the house. Or maybe one of you is better at cooking, why not learn how to cook a few dishes from them?

Learn something new together
If you can’t think of anything you can teach each other then how about learning something new together, having a shared hobby is great for relationships and with so many online courses and tutorials out there at the moment there is no end of things to learn. Maybe you want to go travelling somewhere in the future, why not learn a language?

Work out together
This is a great thing to do with your partner, and it’s better for motivation to work out with someone else during lockdown too! Whether you are using weights, doing body weight exercises, running, walking, boxing or yoga… the options are endless. You could even set yourself challenges, like how long it takes you to do 100 press ups etc.

Movie night
Why not pay to watch a new movie that you haven’t seen yet, get some snacks and it will be like a DIY cinema trip!

I hope these ideas have been useful, lockdown can be tough on your relationship, a lot of people are not used to spending so much time together and if you are struggling then online therapy could be an option. This article has a lot of helpful advice about relationship issues as well as an option to access online help.

Now could be the perfect time to work on your relationship and come out of lockdown stronger than ever.

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