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Modern Architecture Trends

by Jessica Amey

Architecture is a fast moving business and there are a number of key trends emerging in this industry. These are changing the homes that we’re seeing built today, as homeowners naturally want to have the next big thing.

Here are some of the modern architecture trends that are proving popular with homeowners and designers all over the world.

This trend has been forming over the last decade, as we move away from cluttered spaces and into sheer interiors. The exterior of many modern houses are being influenced by this trend too, as homeowners cast off outdated outdoor decoration. Buildings once took a uniform shape and consisted of a door with a couple of windows. Now, we’re seeing massive rectangular buildings, glass walls, hidden doors and basically anything else that can make the home look less like what we expect.

We’re more aware than ever of how our buildings affect the environment. This has led to a push to use sustainable materials and create buildings that don’t disrupt the wildlife around it. Energy efficiency also goes hand in hand with this, as we move towards more renewable fuel sources. Traditional building methods and materials are somewhat falling out of vogue with these homeowners. They don’t want a brick, fuel guzzling home if they could have a conceptual, sustainable one.

Prefabricated buildings once got a bit of a bad rap but there are now more options for potential buyers than ever in this market. Because of low metal building prices, companies like Armstrong Steel have been seeing a huge rise in the demand for their products. Prefabricated buildings are ideal for those that want modern spaces, without the big price tag. They can cut down on building and material expensive, as they simply slot together instead.

Studio spaces are on the rise, whether they’re inside the building or in the back garden. These little rooms can be exterior, with a small artist’s studio becoming much more popular in new homes. Creative types can use the outdoor lighting and space to their advantage, it’s not as expensive as you would think either. This is becoming a more cost effective option when compared to renting a space, plus homeowners have the added convenience of it being located on the property.

While this may seem like an old fashioned technique, many architects are taking it in a new direction. Shingles all over the exterior of the house make for a pretty striking first impression. This is a historical technique but the way that some architects are bringing it into the modern age is pretty fantastic.

We love to see the revival of these techniques and can’t help but wonder which will be next!

Have you seen these trends appearing on streets near you? If not, you might soon! It’s amazing to see the sheer number of trends and different directions that architecture is going in. Watch this space, as these trends are only going to get more and more pronounced as time goes on.

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