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Choosing The Best Type Of Flooring For Your Home

by Jessica Amey

Choosing the right type of flooring for your house is so important, ideally you want one that’s going to last for a long time so you don’t have to worry about the hassle, or cost, of replacing it.

Budget plays a big part in this decision, we usually don’t have a lot to spend on flooring in the first place so end up choosing a mega cheap option which we know isn’t going to last for that long. Obviously it depends whether you own your house or not too, and whether or not you are planning to stay in it forever. If you are just renting and want a temporary fix then obviously the cheaper the better but if you are in your forever home and want to make an investment in flooring that will last for decades then paying out a large amount of money would be more worth it.

Carpet or no carpet?
A big consideration when choosing your flooring is deciding whether or not to lay any carpet, we only have carpet in our living room and to be honest if we’d had more money then I definitely wouldn’t have chosen it but we just needed to put something down as a temporary fix, which didn’t involve much work, so cheap carpet was the option we went for at the time. Obviously living in the UK it gets quite cold and carpet can make a room feel a bit more cosy and it’s warm under your feet but I would always rather a different option. Carpet gathers dust and isn’t great for cleaning, if you have kids who are spilling things and making mess then in no time at all the carpet ends up looking stained. In fact, I can’t even just blame the kids, I dropped a few splodges of yellow paint on it when I was painting the walls! We don’t have pets either but I can imagine it’s even worse if you do. Animal accidents and muddy paws plus kids would wreck a carpet in no time!

We looked into tiling our floor but decided that in the winter it would be too cold, well even in the summer too as it’s not like we much hot weather in this country! Tiles are a great option if you live in a hot country though.

I think vinyl is a great option, especially for bathrooms and kitchens where the chance of spillages is quite high. You can get it in so many different designs too. 

Engineered wood?
This would definitely be my first choice if we lived in our forever home, I think it looks great but definitely a bit investment!

Laminate Flooring?
I think laminate flooring is great and actually it’s what I wanted to put down instead of carpet but I wanted an oak effect one which still would have cost quite a bit and we couldn’t afford it at the time. The great thing about laminate flooring is that it’s super durable and you can get one to suit your budget, there are really affordable options right through to more expensive ones. Obviously you do need to lay it though. Taskers laminate flooring range is fab, there are three that I would happily lay down in my house right at this very moment!

‘In collaboration with Taskers’

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