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Operations and Chicken Pox Make For A Crappy Month

by Jessica Amey

Last week I was excited about the month of June.

We had a holiday booked and after spending over a week stuck indoors I was looking forward to saying goodbye to chicken pox and hello to Wales but the universe had other ideas.

The development of Tiger’s spots is taking longer than I thought, in that I’m not sure he even has any yet. He has had the fever and snotty nose though which is how Cherry’s started so I’m in no doubt it is going to strike again soon.

Then on Monday I found out I need to have an operation as soon as possible to remove a cyst on one of my ovaries. I’ve been getting some symptoms for a while and after my GP initially tried to fob me off with it being because of my coil she eventually referred me for an ultrasound which showed some kind of abnormality.

I went to the hospital expecting them to say it would be monitored for a while so when she started running through the risks of surgery and how she might need to remove part of my fallopian tube I started laughing at one point, a nervous laugh obviously.

I spent a good few hours in shock, I don’t really like the idea of a general anaesthetic but now I’m just looking forward to having it done, knowing there is something growing inside me is freaking me out.

I just hope she can do it with keyhole surgery as otherwise it will mean a longer recovery time and no driving for six weeks, she’s prepared me for the fact she might need to do a laparotomy so I guess if I prepare for the worse then it won’t be so bad. Plus on the bright side a few nights in hospital is a bit like having a mini holiday 😉

So all in all June is going to be a bit of a crap one. No holiday, no BiB awards, no driving and lots of time indoors but I really am grateful for the NHS and the fact they can get me in so quickly, I know we all moan about it but it we really are lucky to have it.

I just hope the summer weather finally arrives so we can hang out in the garden.

Last weekend the sun made a brief appearance so we went to spend the day in a forest, it was the only place we could go with Cherry as she was all poxy. We had a BBQ and went for a walk to the sound of Cherry asking to go home and Tiger screaming, a pretty standard day out 😉





Did you all have a good weekend?

Oh and last week I discovered I was up for blog of the year in the Loved By Parents Awards, I’ve never been so shocked in my life! It really does mean so much to me to find out people enjoy my blog. Thank you to everyone who has read and commented on my blog over the years xx

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