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Overcoming Springtime Lethargy: A Few Simple Tips

by Jessica Amey

We all experience it. In the winter, we have piled up extra pounds, have neglected walking and jogging due to the weather, and used our cars more. As a result, our energy level is much lower than in the summer, and – to make the most out of the most of the spring – we need to rebuild ourselves. Spring lethargy can have a huge impact on the rest of your year, so the sooner you start tackling the issue the better chance you will have to enjoy a healthy and happy break with your friends and family. Below you will find a few tips to regain control and beat springtime lethargy.

Take Your Vitamins

We all need an immune boost every now and then, and there is no other way of boosting your body’s energy levels and resistance than increasing your vitamin intake. If you need to change your diet, do so, but if you find that your body is lacking some important minerals and vitamins, you might need to also take supplements. You might want to set reminders to “reorder my prescriptions online”, or get enough to take you through the difficult times and increase your energy levels. While diet modification is the best way of getting more minerals and vitamins, it is not always possible to cover your body’s needs.

Change Your Diet

If you are guilty of ordering too many takeaways or had no time for cooking from scratch during the winter, due to the shorter nights, it might be time to change how things are going. Empty your freezer from pizzas, snacks, and convenience food, and fill them with fresh vegetables and fruits, so you can make a delicious and nutritious shake any time. You will have no excuse to turn to fast food or “ding meals”, and small changes will make a huge difference when it comes to your health and wellbeing, as well as your diet.

Soak in the Free Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for your body to absorb Calcium, and the single best source is sunshine. Spend as much time outside as possible, even if it is just reading in the garden for a few minutes or tending your vegetable patch. No matter what you are doing, your skin will absorb Vitamin D, and this will improve your mood, calm your nerves, and give you more energy. You might have already noticed that your mood suddenly improves when you go on holiday, and this is often due to the amount of sunshine your body is getting.

Switch to Outdoor Activities

If you were working out in the gym or on your yoga mat in the winter, you might want to return to your “nice weather” routine. Set yourself challenges for walking every weekend, and explore different parts of the country on foot. No matter if you are hitting the Peak District for a relaxing stroll around one of the water reservoirs, or want to challenge yourself in the Welsh mountains, you will benefit from fresh air, improved metabolism, and the extra energy you need to keep going all summer.

Stay Away from the TV

In case you have been spending your evenings binge-watching your favourite TV programmes or Netflix series, you might need a break. Finish whatever you are watching now, and look for other activities. From starting a DIY project to planting flowers and experimenting with new vegetables in the greenhouse, there are several ways you can spend the evenings. Go for a walk, dust off your push bike, or go out to see your friends catching up with a coffee on the seaside.

Walk to Work

If you were stopped by the weather to walk to work, now you will have no excuse. Even if you are living far from your office, you can walk one stop or half way. If you can take the public transport and walk from the stop, at least you are getting some exercise. Give your car a rest, and get your muscles and joints moving again. Build your strength up gradually, so you can tackle longer distances every week.

Try New Shakes

It might also be time to get more colour in your life, and try new shakes. Try the Cranberry juice smoothie recipe in the morning, and see your energy levels increase for the rest of the day. You can experiment with bananas that will give you more energy in the morning, or light detoxifying recipes to help you get rid of those extra pounds you built up in the winter. Avocado is another superfood you should add to your smoothies, if you would like to protect your immune system, get the best type of oil and fats, and build your energy levels. Have a few pouches of frozen food in the freezer, so you can always prepare your shakes. Try coconut milk, almond milk, or even the latest invention: mushroom milk.

Go on a Raw Food Diet for a Few Days

If you feel like your digestive system is sluggish due to the lack of vitamins, you might need to give it a bit of boost. Going on a raw food diet will benefit your digestion and help you detox your body at the same time. There are several health and wellbeing benefits of a raw food diet, such as improved weight loss results, better absorption of the vitamins and minerals, and helping you get rid of the toxins. As a result, your face will look brighter, clearer, and more radiant, too.

When springtime lethargy strikes, you need to hit back hard. You want to make the most out of the outdoor opportunities the summer and spring offer, and this means coming up with a plan. Change your habits and diet, try new activities, and help your body get used to your increased exercise level gradually. Leave your car home more often, and challenge yourself climbing a different hill every weekend. Say goodbye to sofa training and embrace our pushbike and greenhouse.

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