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Wholeberry Cranberry Juice Vegan Smoothie Bowls

by Jessica Amey

I’ve always loved cranberry juice, it used to be my favourite mixer to have with vodka and for some reason the only juice my mum used to buy was cranberry and raspberry so I drank loads of it when I was growing up. The only thing that has put me off it buying it is the fact it has sugar added, obviously without sugar it’s too sour because cranberries are super sour but I only like buying juice without any added sugar.

Ocean Spray have solved this problem with their new wholeberry cranberry juice, it’s not only sugar free (no artificial sweeteners either!) but also made using the whole berry including skin and seeds so you get all the fibre. Cranberries are full of antioxidants, Vitamin C and¬†Proanthocyanidins, not entirely sure what they are but I’ve got a cold right now so the vitamin C sounds good ūüėČ

I can confirm that the juice is delicious too, it’s sweetened with a combination of juices like apple and grape so it’s not sour but it has a nice tang which I really like as I generally don’t drink juice because it’s too sweet. The wholeberry cranberry juice is thicker too as it’s not made from concentrate, it’s really tasty.

ocean spray wholeberry cranberry juice


I have to admit that I’m generally not a fan of smoothie bowls, I prefer to drink my smoothies out of a glass and don’t think I would enjoy drinking them with a spoon however the kids won’t drink smoothies, even ones that aren’t green so I thought I would give smoothie bowls a go. It actually worked too, Cherry ate all of hers and Tiger had a few mouthfuls which is a big deal for him.

ocean spray wholeberry cranberry juiec smoothie bowls

I kept the smoothie really simple because they are quite fussy and I didn’t want to start adding all kinds of ingredients that would put them off, you could add anything though, protein powder, seeds, nuts, avocado etc

I just added a banana, some coconut milk and the mixed berry cranberry juice. Then I put it in bowls and let the kids add some fresh berries to the top.

wholeberry cranberry juice smoothie bowls

ocean spray wholeberry cranberry juice smoothie bowls vegan

I’m definitely going to make these again, and I will definitely be buying the wholeberry cranberry juice again too. You can find it in the fridge section in Co-Op, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Asda.

Another great thing to do with fruit is to make crumble with it, you can find a recipe for plum crumble over on the Inhouse Manager website. If you are vegan, like me, then you can just switch the butter for vegan butter.

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