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Party Planning for Beginners

by Jessica Amey

Have you recently decided that it’s time to throw the ultimate party? Your event might be a birthday bash, a gender reveal party or a graduation party. The great thing is that people make an event out of anything nowadays! Anything seems like the perfect excuse to bring the family and friend group together. However, party planning isn’t as easy as it seems – so, you’ve come to the right place. This article has completed the research for you and compiled the most important factors to consider when planning a party. Keep reading to find out how you can become a planning expert.

Be realistic
As much as we all want to party like Gatsby and create a one-time event that will impress all our guests, we must be realistic in the process. We recommend that you attempt to figure out what it is you want to do early on before the planning actually starts. For instance, is your party for a specific event? Or, is it just an excuse to bring everybody together? If it’s the latter, don’t worry – we don’t judge! We love parties and you should too.

It is important to remember that planning experts pour their heart and soul into party planning; this is why there are whole degrees dedicated to event planning. Many people usually hire an event planner to make sure their big day or night goes to plan. However, if you’ve decided you want to organise yourself, there are many
ways to do it. As well as considering the advice from this article, check out www.houseofpartyplanning.com for more help. Party planning doesn’t have to be difficult!

Choose a theme
Before you get into the nitty-gritty details of party planning, it’s useful to set a vision for your event. Many people do this by setting a theme for their party and this is a great way to capture a mood for the event. There is an endless list of themes to choose from. For example, many people choose themes that relate to a specific decade. Roaring Twenties or Gatsby-themed parties have been growing in popularity for some time. This is because they are extravagant and exciting to pull off. Much of the influence is taken from popular novel and movie adaption – The Great Gatsby – whereby the characters live a life of self-indulgence and excitement.

You could even hire a Showtime Photo Booth to capture the memories and provide entertainment to your guests.

Choosing a theme shouldn’t be stressful as you should choose one that fits nicely with your interests. Many individuals organise their parties surrounding movies, music and other themes too. We recommend that you choose one you know your guests will love. A great theme will only result in a fabulous night that your guests
won’t forget!

Create a guest list
You’d maybe think the next step would be choosing a venue. However, there is little point in choosing a venue before you have your guest list tied down. There is nothing worse than hiring a venue for one night for it to hit capacity rather quickly. This is why we recommend that you create your guest list well in advance; from here, you can identify your numbers and if you may need to make allowances for extra individuals who may turn up on the night unannounced.

Who you decide to put on your guest list might make or break your night. You know your friends and family more than anyone else, and you must ensure that you include everyone to save any awkwardness down the line. Designing your list can be rather daunting as you might be very limited for numbers. However, we recommend that you make two or three different lists before you start looking for a venue.

Each guest list should consist of a different number of guests each time – this way, you have three lists ready when choosing a venue. For example, your first guestlist may suit a larger venue, your second suits a medium-sized venue and your third suits a venue with a limited capacity.

Choose a venue
Choosing the perfect venue is perhaps the most difficult aspect of party planning – this is usually where party planning experts come in handy! However, you can make it easy for yourself if you consider some of the more crucial factors in your decision- making. In no particular order, one of the first factors to consider is your location. You must choose a venue that is closer to those on your guest list as your guest’s travelling expenses might be limited. Secondly, you must also ensure that the venue is wholly compatible with your guestlist in terms of accessibility. For example, is there wheelchair access? Some people often forget about factors like this, so be sure to keep this in mind!

You should also ask yourself if your venue is compatible with your theme and the number of people you intend on inviting. If you want to invite everyone and their plus ones on your first guestlist, make sure you choose a larger venue suited to accommodating everyone.

Choose your caterer
Many of your guests will expect you to have a great spread of food and snacks. You can either do this yourself or choose a caterer to create a fantastic menu catered to your wants and requirements. Before you create a menu, it is useful to make sure there are no allergens or dietary requirements among your guests as you’ll have to cater to them if so.

Hiring an external catering service provides a fantastic opportunity to create a menu that all of your guests will love! Some catering companies even tailor their foods to your theme – what more could you want?

Final thoughts
Now that you’ve chosen your theme, guest list, venue and caterer, you can now send your invites! We believe that this is one of the more exciting processes of the whole party planning timeline. You’ll also need to make time to choose your décor too, now that the hardest parts are out the way. Put your party planning skills in action and transform yourself from a planning beginner to an expert!

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