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Your All-in-One Guide to the Potential Cost of a Solar Panel Installation in the UK

by Jessica Amey

Solar energy is arguably one of the best sources of energy in the globe today, and it is an energy source that we can all harness for billions of years. It is sustainable and renewable, and what makes it even better is that it costs a lot less today than it did a few years ago, thanks to schemes and grants from the government and more models and kinds of solar panels produced by various manufacturers. Nowadays, a single panel can cost from £350 to £500, but the cost can vary based on the type of solar panel system you have and its size. One of the most popular sizes for domestic use is the 4kW system and costs approximately £6000. But are there other costs involved with solar panel installations, especially depending on the specs and the system size?

Here is your all-in-one guide to the potential cost of a solar panel installation in the UK.

For a 3kW system:
A 3kW system costs between £5k to £6k and the number of solar panels would be around 12, occupying 22 sq. metres of roof space. It can save you around £160 in your electric bills every year, and after 25 years of use, the system can save you up to £5900, along with the government grant or scheme.

For a 4kW system:
A 4kW system costs from £6k to £8k for 16 panels, occupying approximately 29 sq. metres of roof space, with electricity savings of up to £270 annually. This would then garner overall savings of around £9200 over 25 years.

For a 5kW system:
For a 5kW system, you can expect to spend anywhere from £7k to £9k, with 20 solar panels on your roof. It can also occupy around 32 sq. metres of roof space and might bring you savings up to £320 per year. In 25 years, your overall savings could amount to up to £11k.

For a 6kW system:
If you opt for a 6kW system, which is often the largest system for residential use, this could cost from £8k to £10k, and it will come with 24 solar panels, covering 43 sq. metres of your roof space. But savings per year on your electricity bill will be more significant as well, coming up to £430. In 25 years, you could expect to save as much as £14,500.

The basic considerations
The more energy or electricity your solar panel system can produce, the higher its initial cost of installation. But in the long-term, your savings also increase, as confirmed by specialists and experts in in-roof solar panels and all kinds of solar panels Manchester like https://www.atlanticrenewables.co.uk .

How you can save more on electricity with your solar panel system
If you want to take full advantage of your solar panel installation and save more on your electric bills, there are certain things you can do. For instance, you can consciously lower your consumption of electricity by using your appliances more during the daytime, especially appliances like washing machines and irons. You can also save more if you choose more efficient panels, as not all panels are equal in
terms of efficiency.

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