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Spring Has Arrived Part One

by Jessica Amey

So this weekend we finally had some sun, I don’t think I can remember it ever being so hot this early in the year before, not that I’m complaining.

On Saturday we drove up to Clevedon. I’ve never been there before because for some reason I had it in my head that it was a total dump but after reading¬†this post by Capture By Lucy I decided it definitely looked worth a visit and I wasn’t disappointed.


In fact I fell a tiny bit in love with it. Sure the sea is more of a brown colour than blue but it’s still a beach and opposite it are some really lovely cafes and pubs with outdoor seating overlooking the pier. Then we discovered a little street of shops that had me shrieking in excitement all the way up. There were craft shops, charity shops, organic food shops, bakeries, restaurants and the most gorgeous cake shop.

I would quite happily move there tomorrow, especially as it’s so near to Bristol too but Mr C wants to live in the middle of nowhere so he wasn’t so impressed.

I will definitely be visiting again soon though, without him or the kids so I can actually look in all the shops and eat cake in a cafe!

The beach was pebbly which is my favourite kind. Cherry had a great time collecting the little pieces of blunt glass that look like mini crystals. I can remember doing the same thing with my sister when I was little, it’s such fun.

Whilst Tiger didn’t seem to understand that the pebbles weren’t for eating!






After a play on the beach and a nice walk up the pier we stopped for ice-cream. No trip to the beach would be complete without ice-cream.


Tiger got an empty cone so he didn’t make any mess but Cherry took pity on him and fed him lots of hers instead which he was very happy about!

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