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Reasons to Consider a Loft Conversion

by Jessica Amey

If you’re looking at making a change to your home, have you considered a loft conversion?

A loft conversion is a great way to take advantage of all the space your property has to offer, and it comes with some significant perks on top of giving you an extra room.

There’s plenty to think about, but consider these benefits when making a decision.

Balance Out the Property
Loft conversions offer the opportunity to balance out a property if your feel your home is lacking in one area or another.

For example, if you’re happy with the living space you have downstairs but could do with an extra bedroom, a loft conversion is the answer. Likewise, you might fancy adding a bathroom, or a bedroom with an en-suite.

The loft can become a home office, games room, mini-theatre or whatever else you feel will suit your home. The choice is yours.

There’s So Many Options
Speaking of options, there really are so many to choose from. Here are a few of the most popular suggestions:

  • A bedroom: the most popular choice, and a great room for a child.
  • A bathroom/shower room: even if you don’t have space for a shower, a free-standing bath is a great idea for a stylish bathroom.
  • A home office: the lighting in the loft sets a great base for an inviting and productive office.
  • A dressing room/walk in wardrobe: a real luxury, and a girl’s dream, which works well in using the unusual space a loft provides

Whatever you choose, a loft conversion gives you a chance to add an elegant space to the property.

Lofts are a great setting for feature walls, which create a standout look, and drop-down lighting to create a beautiful ambiance in the evening. Heals’ range of pendant lights are a perfect choice add some class to the room

Add Value to Your Home
Design ideas aside, let’s talk numbers.

Where a loft conversion would cost £30,000-£40,000, you could increase your household’s value by £50,000-£60,000, so you’re looking at a significant return on investment on top of an extra room to enjoy in the house.

Of course, it’s a lot of work, but you can consider a conversion a sound investment choice as well as a lifestyle move.

Increased Energy Efficiency
As part of the building regulations attached to a loft conversion, there are specific insulation requirements to adhere to.

Don’t see this as a negative, however, as sorting out your insulation will increase energy efficiency in the property, keeping you warmer in the winter and saving on utility bills.

Depending on your property, you’ll need to fit either cold or warm roof installation. You’ll likely need to consult a building inspector to find out what you need.

To summarise, a loft conversion can offer you an extra room to do with what you want, a significant value-add on the property and better energy efficiency. With that in mind, if you have the funds to do it, a loft conversion might be one of the better investment decisions you make.

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